Laura Anderson: 5 tips to help your love life take off


Laura Anderson

Despite the popularity of online dating, one in four UK singles admit to having given up on finding love. So how do we encourage them to find their dating confidence again? Love Island’s Laura Anderson shares some high-flying insights. 

Do you feel like you’re never going to meet someone special? Would you rather sit at home and with cheese-on-toast and Netflix than go on yet another demoralising date?

You’re not alone. New research by the experts at eharmony has revealed that one in four British singles has given up on finding love.

The reasons for this pessimism vary. Just under a quarter (24%) feel unattractive and the same number say bad relationships have put them off searching for love. One in five men are also say they’re not financially secure enough to offer stability. The fast-paced nature of modern dating also leaves just under one in five singles (18%) overwhelmed.

As someone who has encountered their fair share of heartbreak over the years, I know how hard it can be staying positive. But I firmly believe you should never give up on love.

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That’s why I was delighted to return to my roots as a flight attendant and create an in-flight demo with a difference. My goal is to help inspire singles to have more confidence and allow the chance for love to take flight. So, as featured in the video, here’s my five key tips for dating.

  1. Help yourself before helping others

Confidence is very attractive – so why not treat yourself to an upgrade? Be it trying a new haircut or investing in some clothes you have had your eye on for a while, feeling good about yourself is important. And when you feel good about yourself, it shows.

2. Remove excess baggage

Is that one ex still hanging around? It’s time to cut ties and start again. By remaining in contact with old partners, getting nostalgic about the good times or obsessing over a relationship, you could be hindering your chances of starting something new. If you’re struggling to move on, be kind to yourself. It could be you’re still grieving the loss of someone you really cared for. Talk to friends and family about how you feel, don’t isolate. Above all, remember this is no such thing as ‘the one’. There is a limitless supply of people with whom you would be romantically compatible –  you’ve just got to find them.

3. Forget about making a quick exit

When it comes to dating, don’t get stuck searching for the emergency exit. If you are serious about meeting the right person and willing to make the effort, then it’s only a matter of time. It’s helpful to choose sites that specialise in meaningful relationships – like eharmony – to get you to your dream destination. You’ll find a large pool of desirable singles who want the same things. Don’t caught up in casual swipe apps, be smart about finding love.

4. Learn how to manage turbulence

Sometimes dating can be hard – especially after a long period of being single. eharmony research shows that for the majority of UK singles, their last relationship was more than 10 years ago (36%). With that in mind, take it slow, trust your instincts and keep focused on your end goal.

5. Enjoy the journey

Rather than seeing dating as way of finding the one, approach it with a slightly more relaxed mindset. You don’t have to decide over one drink whether this person is relationship material. Just focus on having an enjoyable date and getting to know someone with a different outlook to your own. Ask them lots of questions about their life and what motivates them. If nothing else, you’ll get an insight into someone else and what makes them tick.

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