How to say I love you without words



Do you want to show someone how you feel but words don’t seem enough? We asked our friends at Appleyard Flowers to share their top tips on how to say I love you without words

1. Say it in their language

There are five love languages and everyone has at least one that speaks to them. You can say I love you without words by spending quality time with someone, giving them gifts, acts of affection, or through touch. The key is identifying which of these languages your partner prefers. If they value quality time, you can show your love by spending a day alone with them – no phone allowed. Try surprising them with flowers if they favour gifts or preparing a home-cooked meal if acts of affection mean more.

2. With flowers

Giving flowers is one of the best ways to say I love you without words. We tend to use flowers to mark important moments in our lives, whether it’s a single rose for our first love or choosing a bridal bouquet. Flowers often symbolise love. If your partner likes public displays of affection, you could send a surprise bunch to their work. Something more low key? How about breakfast in bed with a single flower on the tray or drawing a bath and scattering multi-coloured petals on the surface.

3. Through food

If you really want to impress, you could make a reservation at their favourite restaurant or treat them a little bit of luxury at home – think a perfectly-cooked steak served with a robust bottle of red. Can’t splash the cash? A simple meal, prepared with love, can be just as effective.

4. Small gestures

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to show someone how you feel. It’s easy to convey your feelings through everyday gestures. It could be always kissing hello when you come home from work, holding hands, or choosing to go and see a film your partner might love when you don’t expect to enjoy it. Small gestures might not seem significant, but they quickly add up and can come to mean more than one-off displays of affection.

5. Grand gestures

Sometimes only a grand gesture will do. If it’s your anniversary, you’re planning to propose, or you just want to seriously impress, grand gestures are a great way to say I love you without words. Consider surprising someone with a bouquet of 100 red roses, taking them away for a weekend in the country, or – if you’re musically inclined – a public serenade.

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