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The first trip away as a couple is crucial in deciding if the relationship is right, as daters jet off earlier than ever.

The first trip away as a couple has the ability to make or break a relationship – and people are going away earlier in their relationship that ever before, our latest study has revealed.

The true value in holidaying as a couple can be found beyond the sunshine and break from the daily grind.  A quarter (24%) of people surveyed by eHarmony said a trip away helped them realise whether their partner was right for them.

However, this isn’t always a good thing for a relationship. Often the first romantic getaway together is the first time a new couple have spent every moment with each other which can cause problems if they aren’t truly compatible. Five per cent of people surveyed actually admitted they have broken up with a partner as a direct result of a holiday together.

For many though, holidays don’t just serve as a way to test the strength of a relationship. While over 60% of people questioned said they booked a romantic getaway in order to spend quality time togeher, one in eight (12%) stated that a vacation had positively affected their sex life. Now what are you waiting for?

As well as a plethora of low-cost options, the increasingly accessible nature of international travel contributes to the fact that couples are going on holiday together earlier than ever. While over-55s in a relationship had waited an average of 13 months to vacation as a couple, 18-34 year olds tend to head away together inside of three months together. The average length of time to wait before going away is just shy of one year (50 weeks) overall.


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