Map of Attraction: what do people in your area find attractive?


Map of Attraction attractive interests

Are you struggling to find someone who shares your interests and has the qualities that you find attractive? Well, maybe you’re looking in the wrong place. Check out our Map of Attraction to find out what people in your area find attractive

Did you know that where you live might affect what you find attractive? looked at 20,000 psychological profiles to find out what people are really looking for in a partner and the results show that location really is everything.  We’ve analysed everything; from the ideal characteristics that people look for in their partners to the films, books and music that they most enjoy, so you can find out whether your most compatible match is likely to be in your area, or if you should start looking further afield…

Attractive qualities by area

If you’re a Londoner with a long checklist of characteristics that you look for in a partner, then you’re not alone. London locals are the most demanding in the UK – perhaps thanks to the sheer number of singles they have to choose from in the capital – and prioritise intelligence, athleticism, sexiness, style and sociability in a partner.

Elsewhere, people aren’t quite so picky, but they still definitely know what they want. A good sense of humour is particularly important north of the border, with residents of Renfrewshire, Inverness-shire and Fife all looking for partners who can make them laugh the most. However, if you’re more of a sensitive soul then you may be in luck in Merseyside; residents of that region are looking for people to be genuine, kind and generous above all else.

Style may be important in the UK’s biggest cities, but residents of Cornwall couldn’t care less what you wear, as long as you’re loyal and patient. Bit of a gym enthusiast? Then you should spend some time in the South East; residents of London, Middlesex, Surrey and Buckingham all look for athleticism in a partner (North Humberside is the place to go if you’d rather choose the sofa over squats!)

Attractive interests by area

If you’re a horror fan who’s sick of sitting alone in scary movies, or a sushi enthusiast surrounded by vegetarians, then you’ll know how important shared interests can be in a relationship. Luckily, eHarmony’s Map of Attraction is here to help.

Close to perfecting your Pad Thai? Head to Surrey and East Sussex where Thai food is a favourite. Aloo saag aficionado? Then take a trip to the West Midlands, Kent or West Yorkshire to find fellow fans of Indian cuisine. When it comes to musical taste, jazz enthusiasts will find common ground with residents of London, while fans of Jay-Z and Eminem will find willing gig goers in Merseyside.

In sporting terms, the UK remains a nation of football fans, although residents of South Yorkshire deviated from the norm by selecting snooker as their favourite sport, most likely thanks to the home of snooker, The Crucible, being based in Sheffield.

When it comes to picking a partner for your 2-for-1 cinema ticket, horror fans will be able to share scares with residents of the West Midlands, while those in West Yorkshire are more than happy to get deep and meaningful with a documentary.

And if you’re looking for someone who shares your love of small furry animals, then the rodent fans of Hampshire should be a good fit; West Yorkshire inhabitants love their rabbits while Lancashire and Essex locals prefer to keep their pets at arm’s length, preferring fish above all other pets.

But, if all else fails, then you’ll probably be safe opting for one of the UK’s favourite pastimes. The typical resident of the UK loves Italian food, comedy films and rock and pop music, while the nation is full of dog and cat people – although dogs take the lead as the UK’s favourite pet!

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