4 reasons to fall in love with a cultural date


National Art Pass Plus One

With free entry to 240 museums and galleries, the National Art Pass is just one of the many reasons why you should consider a cultural date. Here’s why we think it’s worth exploring, even if you’re not an art lover

If you’re bored of dinner and drinks – or the weather has taken a turn for the worse – the UK’s art galleries, museums and historic houses can make ideal alternative date locations. Now, the new National Art Pass Plus One is making it easier than ever to enjoy a low-cost cultural date. The pass provides free entry to over 240 charging venues, from Cardiff Castle to Kensington Palace, as well as offering 50% off entry to some must-see exhibitions including those at the V&A and Tate Modern. Plus, the Plus One part of your pass means that you can take along a guest of your choosing on the same terms – there’s no name on your card, so you can take anyone you like!

But how does a cultural date differ from your average meet-up? Here are a few top tips:

Don’t try to be the tour guide

While showing off a little bit of artistic knowledge is sure to impress your date, turning the experience into a chance for you to showcase the results of your art history degree is likely to be more of a turn off than a tour! Ideally, pick an exhibition that neither of you have seen before so that you can both discover something new together – it’s a surefire way to create intimacy – or, if you do end up seeing works by your favourite artist, respect your date’s opinion without correcting them and limit yourself to dropping just one or two insightful comments into the conversation.

Cater to your date’s interests

With so many galleries, museums and historic houses across the UK to choose from, you’re sure to be able to find an exhibition that your date will be enthusiastic about. There’s no point dragging a modern art lover along to an 18th century manor house – and vice versa – so, tailor your choice of cultural date to your plus one’s interests. They’re sure to be touched by your thoughtfulness, which will get things off to a great start before you even arrive!

Go with the flow

When arranging your cultural date, it’s important not to over plan. So, if the website says it takes two hours to see the main collection but you’ve been stuck in the same room for 20 minutes, then don’t worry about it! Even if you’ve gone to visit a specific work of art, or don’t feel like you’ve really ‘done’ a museum if you haven’t seen every exhibit, you’re sure to be disappointed if you rush your date along and make them feel uncomfortable. After all, you’re there to spend time with each other as well as enjoy the exhibition, so try to go with the flow, spend times with the pieces that excite you both and don’t stress about skipping the rest.

Don’t overlook the café

One of the best aspects of a cultural date is that it’s bound to spark conversation. Which pieces did you like the most? Which weren’t you so sure about? But, on the other hand, many museums and galleries have an atmosphere that prohibits all but the most hushed of conversations. Enjoy the best of both worlds by ending your date at the on-site café. That way you’ll be able to enjoy the art, which is sure to provide great conversation starters if you’re feeling nervous, but also be able to sit down and talk properly without worrying about annoying other patrons. It’s a win/win.

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