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Friends, family and even work colleagues are always on hand to give us snippets of dating advice. However, our favourite TV shows could just provide the wisdom we’ve been searching for on our quest for true love.

 Offbeat comedy New Girl is certain to have viewers in stitches and, by taking a closer look at this dysfunctional foursome, fans can get the real tips they need to overcome the dilemmas we all face in the dating world.

 Join Jess, Nick, Schmidt and Winston to discover ten dating gems from the show…

1. Keep an open mind

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Avoid having a mini meltdown like Jess. Keep an open mind and heart about what a loving relationship really means.

2. Don’t be afraid to vocalise your feelings

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Knowing where you stand with a potential partner can be a real mystery for both men and women. Too many daters keep their cards close to their chest to avoid getting hurt. Vocalising your feelings when the time is right will not only set your fledging relationship on the right course but also take the pressure off. Just make sure you tell the person directly, unlike Nick.

3. Go for exactly what you want

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Whilst it’s important to keep an open mind, going for what you want when it comes to dating, relationships and love means you don’t have to settle for second best. Define your dating aims early and don’t be afraid to pursue them.

4. Date with no regrets

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We’ve all been fascinated by the on-off relationship between Jess and Nick. Whilst it may harbour a few dating regrets, understanding that no relationship is a waste of time is essential. Learn from past issues to date with no regrets and establish a relationship that will stand the test of time.

5. Remember two’s company…

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Everyone needs a little moral support when venturing into the dating world. However, inviting a friend, family member or beloved pet along for the ride certainly won’t make the right first impression.

6. Be the eternal optimist

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Don’t let rejection get you down. Stay positive and push your dating fears to one side. Remember the road to true love isn’t always a smooth one, so remain optimistic through great dates and bad.

7. Be confident, not cocky

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Confidence is a quality we all look for in a potential partner. However, there’s a fine line between charisma and cockiness.

8. Don’t be an emotional drunk

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Whilst wearing your heart on your sleeve can be a breath of fresh air in the dating world, being overly emotional will only lead to a dating disaster.

9. Be yourself

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Don’t listen to Schmidt, being yourself is always the best policy.

10. Embrace new experiences

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Dating is all about putting yourself out there. Live for the moment and try new things whenever you can. But don’t be quite as drastic as jumping out of a moving vehicle.

Are there any TV shows or movies that you’ve taken date advice from? Let us know in the comments below.

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