Newcastle: how to romance in the recession


By Daisy Ridley. Blogger at Daisy Dreams Of

 True love is priceless. You don’t have to spend a fortune finding it in Newcastle, although in the current economic crisis it can become a challenge to keep impressing, date after date.      

The good news is you can still make a great impression with limited funds, without coming over as being a mean, penny-pinching soul. There’s no greater turn off for some than a streak of greed or a display of stinginess.


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 Make first impressions count, not cost

 The first hurdle we all encounter is that all-important first date. How you present yourself can make it flourish or wither within those crucial first few minutes. Making a good impression is often about what you wear and how you wear it before you can even launch into a conversation. It’s all about style and confidence and again, you don’t need a bloated wallet to achieve it.

This is no time for experiments, revealing too much or wearing something too tight or uncomfortable could prove ruinous. If you’re not at ease with yourself, the chances are this will subconsciously be transferred to your date.

So plan that first encounter very carefully and dress accordingly. A pair of killer heels is not recommended if you’re going to meet at a museum or exhibition which will require an amount of walking and the same goes for guys…comfort is the key.

To keep on impressing, date after date, can cost a small fortune. So if your wardrobe is in need of a boost then a trip around some of Newcastle’s better charity shops or vintage stores, such as Small Change and the British Red Cross Vintage, could produce an inspiring outfit, even just a few accessories can transform an outfit and make it more in season. Currently it’s all about the statement necklace.

Dig the deals and discounts

 Having sorted out your outfit, search the app or android store on your phone for discount vouchers, high street bargains and two-for-one offers. In these challenging times, restaurants and cafes are also struggling for trade and use offers and discounts to lure in trade so use it to your own advantage.

Use your imagination and save money

 While being savvy conscious in the fashion department, it’s worth trying to be a little more imaginative and romantic. Picnics can be romantic but make sure of a good weather forecast – you don’t want the event to be a washout.

A stroll around a museum or exhibition, such as Newcastle’s Discovery Museum or the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, can also be a great icebreaker. And since some entries are free, you get a chance to spend time and find out more about your date without having to break the bank.

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 There’s also the option to invite your date into your home and cook a meal for them but this is probably better as a follow up once you’ve established if you want to see more of the person.

‘Foodies’, you could spend the day at your local farmers market picking up fresh produce in preparation for the evening meal or, if you’re not much of a master chef in the kitchen, there are some great microwave meals to be had, just hide the packaging and throw on some garnishes for a personal touch.

A little subterfuge is harmless, and at least you get to spend an evening with the object of your desires without fearing a massive bill plus 12.5% service charge at the end of the evening.


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