Going the extra mile: Brits prepared to travel 419 miles for love


The average Brit is willing to travel the distance between London and Edinburgh for love – according to a new study by the eHarmony relationship scientists.

Our data experts analysed 15,000 member profiles to reveal how far people in the UK would be prepared to travel to find that someone special. On average, Brits would be prepared to venture 419 miles – with men prepared to go 22 miles further than women.

Key stats

  • The average Brit would travel the distance between London and Edinburgh for love
  • Men prepared to venture 22 miles further than women
  • South London’s Thornton Heath residents would go above and beyond in quest for love, travelling the furthest in the UK at 1,530 miles
  • Those earning less, £12,500 are happy to travel further to find that special someone

When compared to the national average, it’s those aged 18-24 who truly go the extra mile. This age group would voyage the equivalent distance between London and Prague (665 miles) thanks in part to fewer work and family commitments. This appears in stark contrast to those aged 55-64, who wouldn’t consider anything over 365 miles.

Regionally, Belfast’s residents would journey furthest afield to find love, on average looking as far as 691 miles away. Across other urban areas, citizens of Leicester place second for distance, with those in Middlesbrough, Birmingham and Manchester rounding out the top five.

Meanwhile, Glaswegians would walk 500 miles for the right person – or 499, more precisely.


Rank City Distance prepared to travel in miles
1st Belfast 751 miles
2nd Leicester 692 miles
3rd Middlesbrough 620 miles
4th Birmingham 594 miles
5th Manchester 580 miles
6th Edinburgh 543 miles
7th Coventry 531 miles
8th Glasgow 499 miles
9th London 494 miles
10th Liverpool 485 miles


Overall, Brits living in Thornton Heath are willing to venture the furthest in the UK – an impressive 1,530 miles to be exact. Rossendale residents follow at number two, and those living in Chigwell and Dagenham place at numbers three and four. South Croydon locals rank at number five overall – with residents prepared to journey the equivalent of London to Berlin and back for the right person.


Areas willing to travel the furthest for love in the UK 


Rank Area Distance prepared to travel in miles
1st Thornton Heath (London) 1,530 miles
2nd Rossendale (Lancs) 1,233 miles
3rd Chigwell (Essex) 1,224 miles
4th Dagenham (London) 1,219 miles
5th South Croydon (London) 1,155 miles


In contrast, people living in Bushey, Hertfordshire are the least prepared to travel for love in the UK. Mitcham and Beverley residents follow closely behind, stating that they would only travel around 32 miles in their search for ‘the one’.


Willing to travel the least for love in the UK 


Rank Area Distance prepared to travel in miles
1st Bushey (Herts) 30 miles
2nd Mitcham (London) 32.2miles
3rd Beverley (Yorks) 32.8 miles
4th Warminster (Wilts) 33 miles
5th Woodford Green (London) 33.1 miles


On top of location, our eHarmony data scientists also looked at how income played a part. Brits earning less than £12,500 will venture furthest at 615 miles. At the other end of the spectrum, those earning between £50,000-£75,000 state 385 miles as their maximum.

And it would appear that Brits with an open mind also hold an open heart. Users with the highest level of education (PhD or Postdoctoral Degree) will travel 550 miles – 131 miles over the national average.


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