Getting started with online dating

Looking for online dating advice so you can get started in the world of online dating? You’ve come to the right place! Here you’ll find all the information you need to start online dating, from getting the confidence to join a site, right through to going on your first date.

Writing an online dating profile

Would you date you? How to make your online dating profile stand out

Making yourself stand out is key to online dating profile success. But are you showing off what makes you different? Rebecca Perkins shows us how we can celebrate our individuality  Would you date you? It’s a big question, right? It’s a really important one too, and one you must consider before you begin writing your online […]

Getting started with online dating
Avoid dating weirdos online

8 ways to avoid dating weirdos online

And by weirdos, we should clarify – we mean dangerously strange. If it’s just that you like cooking in the nude or have a massive collection of vintage teapots, then that’s fine, we’re down with that, we’re talking here about avoiding the sort of people who will wait outside your house in a bush at […]

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Setting yourself up for dating success

It’s the new year and with that the ‘New Year new me’ mantras are chanted all over the world! We’ve all been there. And although you may cringe ever so slightly at the prospect of re-inventing yourself to kick 2015 off in style, it’s completely possible and sometimes necessary. Online dating is a massive step […]

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