Overcoming the six senior dating fears


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You’re dipping your toes into dating again as an older person. You’re apprehensive and nervous enough to begin with, and then suddenly there’s this whole new way to meet people that certainly wasn’t there when you were dating the first time around. It all seems a bit overwhelming – with hackers, identity fraud and all the rest of it. Plus, it involves exposing yourself on the internet, of all places!

Sound familiar? We have two words for you: don’t worry. It’s normal to have some fears about online dating as an older person, but there’s really nothing to be concerned about. Here are people’s biggest fears about signing up for online dating (and why you should ignore them):

I’m too old to date

Nonsense! No-one’s too old for another chance at love or companionship. If something’s telling you that you’d get more out of life by sharing it with someone else, then listen to that voice. Senior online dating sites have had the highest increase in membership over the last few years – so you’re certainly not the only one out there!

There might be scammers

Yes, there might. But scammers exist in all forms in many aspects of life, and you don’t get to a certain age without learning a few things about how to pick a scammer. The best thing you can do to protect yourself is to learn about basic online safety:

  • Don’t give out bank or personal details
  • If you smell something fishy, stop communicating with them
  • Arrange the first few meet-ups in public locations so you feel safe
  • If something seems off, ask a friend’s opinion or contact eHarmony’s customer care team.

What about my privacy?

Your information’s kept safe with eHarmony. Only you can choose to divulge your personal information –it’s all as private as you want. eHarmony’s messaging service takes the worry away so you can keep things like your email address and phone number private until you’re ready.

I don’t want to put an image of myself on the internet!

By signing up with eHarmony, you ensure that only a handful of potential matches will see your profile picture, so you won’t turn up in a hundred people’s search. You won’t be splashed all around the internet and your profile won’t turn up when people Google your name.

What if I get rejected?

A scary prospect, and a possibility, but if you are serious about finding love, then you’ve got to be willing to take the good with the bad – just keep that end goal in sight.

There’s no-one good online

People join online dating sites for all kinds of reasons – whether it’s because they don’t have much opportunity to meet new people, to find someone with similar interests and points of view, to start again. Signing up to eHarmony’s free so what’s the harm in looking?

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