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If you’re on the lookout for love but just can’t be parted from your pet then not to worry – we’ve got the perfect list of date ideas for you, your animal loving date, and your perfect little ball of fuzz to enjoy!

Snuggle up with a pint

Pub dates will always be a favourite with Brits – especially when it’s raining. Why not take a trip to a pet-friendly pub with your date so you and your little furry friends can enjoy the comfort of a cozy pub together? The Two Chairmen in the heart of London has a great selection of draughts and ales and the pub dog is a chocolate lab called Nelson (very geographically relevant!). In Manchester you could try Marble Beers situated just 100 yards from popular dog walking location Angel Meadow. And for something particularly trendy in Birmingham town centre you could try Brewdog, who we hear live up to their pooch-friendly sounding name.

Take a walk

The winter weather is rolling in, but chances are your furry friends don’t mind! Stick on a few extra layers and a pair of wellies and invite your date for a wander. Whether it’s the local park or even just a wander around the streets, it can be incredibly bonding to share some time with each other’s pets. You can always stop off for a coffee to warm up on the way back too.

Check into a hotel

If you’re traveling far to meet a date, there are some wonderful pet-friendly hotels around the country. For those of you who love a pampered pet and want to go the extra mile you could try the Bermondsey Square Hotel – they welcome your pet with a ribbon wrapped bone, water bowl, basket and some treats. The Milestone Hotel and Apartments also love to make your pet feel at home with your beloved pooch getting a comfy pet bed, fresh mineral water and treats. The concierge service even offers dog walking!

Bake treats

Staying home for a date might not sound very adventurous, but have you tried baking home made treats for your pets before? Check out some of these recipes, and you and your date could spend a cosy afternoon in the kitchen making something delicious for your loved ones. Afterwards you could always sit down to watch a movie together – you might want to avoid Marley and Me if you don’t have any tissues lying around though!

Feed the birds

If you like bird watching and you’re feeling artsy, why not make your own bird feeders? During the colder months it’s a lot harder for birds to find food. You can buy plain bird feeders at pet stores or garden centres. Just get some non-toxic paint and you and your date could be helping the local wildlife in no time at all. Of course, if you’re a cat person and not all that keen on bringing in extra birds to your garden, you and a date could take a walk to the local park and feed the ducks instead.

Don’t have pets but love animals?

If you want the comfort and fun of having a pet without the cost or pesky landlord concerns then you could always try one of these quirky date ideas for animals lovers:

  • Lady Dinah’s Cat Café, London – Dates here are all about the 3 Cs – cake, coffee and cats. Cuddle up with your date on a comfy couch and converse about cute cats until you’re calm and composed and ready for date number two. (Okay, that’s a little more than 3 Cs). If you’re looking for some more inspiration, see our guide to great London date ideas.
  • Hawk Flying arena, Hampshire – You and your date can’t wait to get your claws into each other? Then hawk flying could be the perfect date location for you! It’s not every day you get to see these magnificent birds up close, why not share the moment with someone equally magnificent?
  • Go see the penguins, London Zoo As penguins are the symbol of love this Christmas (thanks John Lewis), there are few more romantic things to do with someone special in the run up to Christmas than go see these adorable little birds in real life. Of course, spending the day at the zoo is always a date-idea favourite of ours – we also highly recommend checking out the camels!

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