The Difficulties of Dating in a New Country for Polish people


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If you’ve just relocated to the UK you’ll know how stressful it can be. So it’s not surprising that meeting potential dates can also pose its own challenges. Here’s some advice for Polish dating in the UK.

Overcoming the language barrier

The good thing about dating someone from the UK is that it can improve your language skills by miles. Dating is a good chance to practice speaking English and your date isn’t likely to be put off if you aren’t completely fluent. British people are not greatly encouraged to learn other languages so, if anything, your date will be impressed at your skills.

It’s worth bearing in mind that certain parts of your conversation may get lost in translation, even if you can both understand each other perfectly. For example, British humour is based heavily around irony and sarcasm which can sound unfriendly if you’re not used to it. Either way there are many dating agencies which match you based on your values.

British people are also quite happy to talk about themselves, their acquisitions and their achievements which may come across as arrogance if you’re used to being around Polish people who tend to be more modest.

Different ways of meeting people

In Britain, meeting a date online is very common and plenty of people use dating sites to meet new people. It can help to skip over any awkwardness when it comes to approaching people in real life and ensure that you meet someone who matches your interests.

Greeting your date

British people are fairly formal when meeting for a first date and it’s not usual to greet with any kind of physical contact, as opposed to a kiss on both cheeks which is popular in other parts of Europe. On the other hand, a handshake is a bit too formal for a date so turning up with a smile and a friendly greeting will work just fine.

Who pays?

In Britain, it’s not always customary to be traditional and have the man pay for the date. In fact, there are many women who may feel a bit affronted if they’re not even consulted about who will pick up the check. If you’re happy to treat, it’s OK to say this but otherwise assume you’ll each pay for yourselves.

Topics to avoid on a first date

Even though you’ll likely have plenty of things in common with your British date, there are some topics it may be better to avoid when meeting for the first time.

The influence of religion is not as important in the UK as it is in Poland and neither is having strong ties with extended family. In order to avoid any misunderstandings, it might be better to leave these discussions until you know each other better.

Also, beware of entering into any debates with a sports fan as rivalries between teams can be a big deal in Britain!

Is it all that different?

On the whole, dating in Britain is not all that different from dating in Poland. On dates, British people like to feel respected, listened to and valued in much the same way that Polish people do. Just be yourself, relax and have fun.

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