The power of positivity in dating


Darren from explains the power of staying positive on your dating life.

Summer, along with the warmer weather it brings, tends to influence our mood and make the nation happier and more positive as a whole. This comes from a range of factors including more daylight due to longer days and spending more time outside due to the weather. When it comes to dating, nothing is more attractive than a happy, positive partner. The vigour for life that can be spread by a simple smile is infectious and that’s why dating in the summer is a perfect time to get out and find a partner. 

Research has suggested that simply improving a few aspects of your everyday life can greatly improve the first impression you give off. We have come up with some ideas to help you spread the positive feeling and optimism during your summer dating adventures.



Numerous studies find that simply listening to upbeat music can have many beneficial effects on your mood including bringing a more positive state of mind. Try to listen to more upbeat music during your daily routine or even better incorporate happy music into your date somehow to help spread the good feeling.


Body Language

Smiling is contagious and scientists have discovered that flexing your smiling muscles regularly helps you find situations ‘funnier’ and generally be more positive.  A given, but avoid slouching and relax those shoulders. Coming across less stressed and more ‘open’ will invite your date in to share more.


Break Out Of Habitats

Stress can rear its head from boring daily routines so try to break out of these when possible. Saying YES more will help achieve this goal. Start small – take different routes home, go for a walk in a local park, try a new hobby or class once a week. Take this approach to dating and suggest a summer date alternative to usual coffee dates, as breaking out from the norm will enhance the experience and could create a date that won’t be forgotten in a hurry.


Give A Compliment

Ok, this one isn’t rocket science, but think about how happy you can make someone feel with a random compliment and how good it feels making someone smile. The smallest compliment or gesture can make the biggest difference to someone.


Share Your New Found Optimism

Sharing is caring, whether it be with your date or a friend in need of a pick me up, so share your good mood with those around you. Don’t go over the top, but if you can sense that someone is worrying or a natural pessimist help rid them of their tension and reinforce a positive attitude. Making someone feel better brings a whole new wave of happy emotions; it’s a win-win.


Staying positive and coming across happier not only will improve your everyday mood but will start to attract the types of people you want to attract. So keep calm and smile!


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