How to prevent a date night acne breakout


Prevent date night acne

What can you do to prevent an acne breakout coinciding with that all-important date? Bianca Estelle, founder of bea Skin Care, shares her secrets

When you’re looking forward to a great first date, there’s nothing quite like an acne breakout to put a dent in your confidence. While acne might be best associated with teenage skin, the truth is that blemishes can occur at any age – and can often strike at the worst times! So, what can you do to ensure you’ll be putting your best face forward on that big date? We asked skincare specialist Bianca Estelle to share her top tips…

1. Cleanse

Cleansing twice daily is crucial to preventing breakouts. It removes dirt, daily grime, excess oils and make-up. Use a non-abrasive product and gently massage into your skin. Look for ingredients like glycolic acid, which kills acne bacteria, and green tea extract, which works to calm existing blemishes.

2. Avoid irritants

Try to avoid products that contain irritants like alcohol or fragrance. These aren’t the best for your skin and can clog or dry it out. This creates excess sebum, which in turn leads to future acne breakouts.

3. Don’t pick

Whatever you do, don’t pick your spots! Even if it’s big and ruining your day, I regularly tell my clients that there’s always another solution that avoids spreading infection or risking scarring. Products containing salicylic acid work to dry out the spot, reducing redness and inflammation while decreasing the odds of scarring. My acne treatment gel also includes power ingredient hyaluronic acid, which adds moisture and helps your skin avoid that dried out look when the salicylic kicks in.

4. Visit an acne popping specialist

Personally I’m anti-popping but if you really can’t resist, seek out a skin specialist who will use either a medical extractor or a microlance needle. Alternatively, I have clients who swear by cortisone injections before big events. These are ideal for inflamed cystic spots. If you’re planning a big date night and see a big spot brewing, then this treatment would absolutely be worth it. There’s usually a visible improvement within two days.

5. Try a peel

At home peels can really improve skin condition and are ideal for those with oily skin. Using multiple products when you’re going through a bad breakout isn’t the answer. I recommend clients use AHA rejuvenating wands twice a week, which contain 7% glycolic acid, a natural skin resurfacer, to keep blemishes and scarring at bay.

Skin specialist Bianca Estelle has nearly 15 years’ experience in the medical aesthetics industry and her range, bea Skin Care is used by clients all over the world. The range is suitable for all ethnic backgrounds and features potent active ingredients that make the most of Bianca’s knowledge, experience and innate understanding of the skin’s heterogeneity.

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