Batman V Superman: Which Superhero is your compatible match???


Have you ever looked at the Superhero universe and wondered which superhero (or super villain) would be the most compatible couple?

Well look no further, as here at we had just that same thought! With the help of comic book expert Claire Smith,  we put 24 super characters through our compatibility matching system to determine who is the most compatible; with some interesting results.

Coming out on top are the heroes of the moment Superman and Batman. The man in the red cape, Superman matched with warrior princess Wonder Woman and vigilante Batman matched (Watch Batman’s eHarmony Profile Spoof) with fellow crime fighter Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The findings from this research are not only entertaining, but give us a deeper look into the characters we all know and love.

Claire Smith, Lecturer on Cartoon and Comic Arts at Staffordshire University, added: “The findings highlight that good relationships are based on more than what you see on the surface. These characters, despite usually being associated with their various traits, have an incredible emotional depth – proving even popular villains like Harley Quinn can be highly compatible with the likes of unorthodox hero Deadpool.”

Most Compatible Super Characters

From the outset you might be likely to award them most dysfunctional couple of the year but, The Joker and Enchantress (Cara Delavigne, Suicide Squad) are our most compatible super character match. As they both crave alone time and are uninterested in helping others around them, they are perfect for each other.

Hot on their heels are femme fatale Catwoman and the hilarious anti-hero Deadpool. They both value closeness in a relationship – but not too much – and also share a similar level of high intelligence. The results also showed they are somewhat neurotic, which can help them understand each other when one is acting irrational.

Deadpool is also a great match for Harley Quinn because of similarities in extraversion, agreeableness and sexuality – both having notably high sex drives and an unconventional sense of humour.

Most Incompatible Super Characters

As well as uncovering the best matches, the study also found the characters that would make the worst couples.

While it’s sure to make him angry, The Hulk features in two of the worst three pairings because of his introverted nature and his need of ‘me time’ and Jessica Jones and Mystique are the unlucky ladies who he should not date!

Interestingly, despite Batman’s worst match being Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson, ‘The Avengers’); the second to worst is Catwoman, despite the pair’s frequent alliances.

Feeling left out that you don’t know your compatible super character, well take the quick quiz to find out which superhero or super villain you would be a good match with!

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