Real men and women reveal their dating deal breakers


Dating deal breakers

What would make you think ‘never again’ after a first date? Jo Middleton asked real men and women to reveal their dating deal breakers

First dates are a tricky business. Whether you’re trying not to sweat through your impulse purchase dress or anxiously scanning the menu for something that you think your date won’t judge you for eating, there are a lot of things to think about.

When you’re dating as a single parent however, first dates take on a whole new level of awkward. Instead of the usual ‘his haircut is looking a little worse for wear but maybe I can move past it’, your thoughts wander to ‘I hope the kids are in bed on time’, or even ‘would this guy look like he fitted in if we did a family Christmas card photo next year?’

While dating as a single parent might mean that you have different deal breakers when it comes to first dates, everyone has things that they just can’t look past, no matter how much they might want to.

I asked a handful of people what their dating deal breakers were. After a few people not really understanding the question, and a couple of people I know quite well thinking I was asking them ON a date (awkward) I got to find out quite a few interesting things about other people’s dating deal breakers – and it turns out that most of them are quite easy to avoid if you’re the person on the other side of the date.

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So here are the responses I got to the question: ‘What are your first date deal breakers?’

Deal breakers from women

‘If the person was on their phone a lot, talking about themselves a lot, rude to the waiter (assuming we went for a meal), or patronised me.’

‘If they’re strange, if we have nothing in common, if they show that they’re clearly only after one thing.’

‘Someone who is really late for the date.’

‘Making me pay for a drink.’

‘Someone who takes me to the cinema as a first date. Or wears tracksuits.’

Deal breakers from men

‘I don’t go on many dates, I think you’re asking the wrong person.’

‘Smell. Or is a moron. Wait, I don’t think I’m in a position to be picky.’

‘I guess someone that is really self-centred.’

‘People who take my food.’

‘If they said I was boring, unfunny or ugly. If they picked their nose all the way through.’

Jo Middleton is a mum to two girls and an experienced internet dater. Read more from Jo on her award winning blog, Slummy Single Mummy or follow her on Twitter for more bite sized updates.

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