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We can’t turn on the TV or open a paper at the moment without being bombarded with dire news about the state of the economy. It is a difficult time for many people as jobs are lost and pay is frozen. As people look around for areas of their life where they can cut back they may see that dating is an area that has to go.

But, we at eHarmony believe this should not be the case. Finding love can help you to deal with all the other stresses in your life. People in happy relationships say that it is the relationship itself that gives them the energy and motivation to get up every morning and face the world with a positive and hopeful attitude. Here we look at some dating ideas where your investment is more about time and energy than money.

Come dine with me

It is simple and romantic; cook a meal for your date. Even if you aren’t Jamie in the kitchen many leading supermarkets offer whole meals including a starter, main course, side dish and wine for around £10. Add candles and some nice music and you have yourself a wonderfully romantic evening in the comfort of your own home

Get a discount

There are a huge amount of companies offering great discounted deals on meals out, cinema tickets, theatre trips, even weekends away. Many of them invite you to sign up to their website and then they will send you daily deals for your local area, many with over 50% off.

You might be nervous about using a voucher on a date, but when we asked our Advice community about this very topic, 65% of people said they wouldn’t be offended if their date used a voucher, and an additional 23% said they would be willing to give their date another chance even if they didn’t like them using a voucher. The only thing you shouldn’t do is make a big deal about using it. Your date will appreciate your subtlety.

Make the most of free events

We’re lucky in the UK that many of our cities’ galleries, museums and other attractions are free – your local tourist information will be able to tell you where they are. Some cities also do free entry to major attractions for residents so it’s worth enquiring about that too. Don’t be too quick to dismiss art galleries and museums as boring, they are a great place for a date because you will never be short of things to talk about.

Desert island discs

This popular radio program can easily be adapted to make a great date. Each of you imagines that you are going to be stranded on a desert island. You have to choose eight songs or pieces of music – one of them is your ‘song of choice’; one book (you already have the complete works of Shakespeare and a spiritual book of your choice) and one luxury item – this must be inanimate and not a way of escaping from your stay on the island.

You can either share your choices over two evenings or in one where you take it in turns to introduce your selections. Put some time and effort into your choices so that each track has a story attached to it and that the story reveals a little about who you are and what makes you tick. Not only will this provide you with an evening of entertainment but it will also help you get to know each other better. You don’t have to have just met to do this, couples who have been together for a long time are sure to learn something new about each other from their selections.

Whatever you do don’t let money stop you from dating, love will enrich your life more than an end to the economic downturn.

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