Seeing red? The link between colour and sexual chemistry


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Red has always been the colour best associated with love and passion, but why? Darren from discusses the role the power colour has on our sexual chemistry

Last year, a colour psychology study concluded that red is the colour men find most attractive on women. The same study also found that when choosing an outfit for a first date, the majority of women would select something red above any other colour. Why? It’s the colour that makes them feel the most desirable.

We often underestimate the effect of colour on our perception of the world; in fact, every colour has the ability to make us feel different things. But what is its effect on sexual chemistry? And does the colour you wear make your date feel differently about you? Well, we consulted a selection of fashion consultants and psychological studies to find out.

What does wearing red say about you?
For men, choosing to wear red can suggest many things. If you opt to wear a red shirt over a blue one for a sports match then this suggests that you may have higher levels of testosterone. Although wearing red won’t make you a better player, it can make you feel stronger and more powerful. And it’s not only true for physical sports; a recent study showed that poker players up against an opponent who has red chips are twice as likely to fold. Red is a power colour – or at least that’s how it’s perceived.

But what does this have to do with sexual chemistry? Studies have suggested that men choose to wear red on dates because it makes them feel powerful. This is because colour psychology causes our minds to connect wearing red with being strong, powerful and authoritative. It all links back to our primal survival instincts; stronger individuals would survive and thrive while the weaker members of society would not.

What about a woman in red?
At one time, a woman’s survival was based on her ability to attract a strong and powerful mate and to do that, women would wear a colour that signified love and passion – red. While modern women no longer need a man to take care of them, most still look for a partner who appears to inhabit the protector role – it’s ingrained in the DNA that links us to our primal ancestors.

As well as being one of the preferred colour choices for women on a date, red is also regarded as one of the most attractive colours by men. While we may not think it on a conscious level, red is the colour of love, sexual chemistry and fertility and many men, without even realising it, are attracted to women who appear to be fertile – another primal instinct.

Do certain colours, like red, have special powers?
It’s widely accepted that certain colours – like red – do have power over us. These powers are linked to colour psychology and, whether you’re a man or a woman, wearing red can be a great way to encourage your partner to find you more attractive on a primal level.

So, while not wearing red on a date doesn’t mean it’ll automatically fail, you may have a better chance of success by adding a flash of crimson to your wardrobe.

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