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Darren from provides advice on boosting your creativity for rejuvenating your dating profile

We have all read articles that tell you the top characteristics that both men and women look for when choosing a potential mate, whether it be self-confidence, devilish good looks, a great head of hair or something more scientific like how symmetrical your face is (yes, that’s real thing!)

But there is a secret ingredient that you can use to connect with people that has been proven by psychologists to be one of the main characteristics people look for when searching for a new relationship.


Bringing creativity to the table

After you have ticked all (or some) of the desired boxes, creativity is the next aspect that both men and women seem to look for. In a scientific study, artists and musicians were found to have more sexual partners compared to others. Now we aren’t suggesting that boosting your bedpost notches is the end game here, its just proof that being creative can indeed make you more attractive to the opposite sex.

Aside from spending a few years learning to woo the ladies like Ed Sheeran, there are numerous ways you can exude creativity within your dating profile with no need to pick up a paintbrush and create a landscape masterpiece. The points below are intended to give you some additional ideas. Obviously flat out lying that you can play the guitar when you can’t is never a good idea – if you are carrying that empty case, better make sure you can play!

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Include hobbies

Go beyond your job and what you like to watch or read. List any creative hobbies you might have. No hobbies? Then just talk about things in life you have done before that will put you in a more creative light. Still struggling, list things you want to do. These facets of your personality that others don’t normally share will make you stand out.


Creativity in your photos

Look to add something into your photos that will ooze creativeness. The obvious would be a guitar if you can play one, but like me you probably cant so look for other interesting traits to include. Again, harping back to hobbies, see what you can find. Even a simple background can massively help. For example, take a photo next to some cool street art or a vintage clothes shop.


Avoid clichés

Yes I know it’s an obvious one but steering clear of romantic walks on the beach, staying in with a glass of wine and stating how important your family are (even though they might be) will mean that your profile will get more reads and less eyeball rolling.


Read other profiles

If you are still struggling, then take a look at other profiles. Spend a bit of time reading through as many profiles as you can and see which ones stick in your head and try to incorporate some of the aspects into yours. Don’t flat out copy, but take inspiration from others that seem to own the profile scene.


Creative words to include

Scattering your profile with the odd word here and there can give an overall more creative feel. Below are a few words that you should try to embrace and a few to stay clear of if you’re trying to inject some colour and creativity into your profile.

Words to encourage slight hints of creativity – outgoing, spontaneous, passionate, dreamer, impulsive, romantic.

Words to stay clear of – quiet, sweet, good listener, rational, dependable.
I am not saying you shouldn’t be any of these, but they are counterproductive when it comes to appearing creative. Everyone uses them so try to use different words to describe your personality.

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