Single at Christmas: 5 reasons it’s great


single at christmas

Christmas can feel made for couples; adverts, gifts and cards focusing on festive love. Being single at Christmas can be tough, but there are reasons to be grateful

1. Singles can spend Christmas wherever they want

Being in a twosome often means choosing between two families to spend time with over Christmas. Whether that means one of you missing out on seeing your family completely, or you both dashing all over the place to fit in both families, it can lead to tension. Oh, and guilt trips from the family that gets the least attention. While many of us might moan about our family’s weird Christmas traditions, we often enjoy them deep down, and having to forgo them for a partner’s own traditions can feel weird, and sometimes alienating.

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Single this Christmas? Relish the opportunity to do your own thing. Fancy spending a week with your family, eating too much, drinking too much and regressing to being a teenager? Go for it. Want to work the friends’ party circuit, uninhibited? No problem. Want to get away from it all on a tropical island? Pack your bags.

2. You can save your pennies

If you’re single, you significantly reduce the number of (pointless, unwanted?) gifts you have to buy. No searching high and low for that perfect present your partner doesn’t really want, and no wandering endless overheated department stores wondering what would be an appropriate present for their mother. With your extra cash the world’s your oyster – maybe you could pay off a credit card bill, take yourself on a nice break or even donate to charity. Whatever you decide, the option is entirely yours.

3. Make your own traditions

A single Christmas means a Christmas your way. Whether you want to wholly embrace the festive spirit and cover your house in gaudy tinsel, or you fancy a minimalist Christmas followed by a new year abroad, the choice is yours. No one will be around to tell you what to do, so please yourself!

4.    Hop on the party train

Christmas is a great time to just get out there and be a social animal. Accept as many party invites as you like, without a moment’s thought for whether a ‘significant other’ can make it. If you fancy you can also blow a small fortune on a new outfit, without having to justify spending the cash – who cares if it’s going to make you feel amazing at every party you attend? Kiss as many people as you like under the mistletoe, drink a bit too much punch, eat all the party snacks you like and dance yourself silly without someone tapping their watch and beckoning towards the door.

5.    Avoid post-Christmas disappointment

When the festivities are totally in your control, you can avoid that feeling of ‘Oh I thought it was going to be much more magical than that’. In a relationship we often put our own happiness in our partner’s hands – which can lead to huge disappointment when things don’t work out.

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This year, have your Christmas, your way! Don’t reflect on what you don’t have, but consider all the possibilities that are open to you instead. And if that fails, remember that Christmas and New Year is just a couple of weeks out of the whole year and January will come round fast enough.

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