Our Song: eHarmony couples share their most romantic songs


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Ever wondered what the most romantic song ever made could possibly be? So did we, so who better to ask than our very own eHarmony members who found love. We asked some of our success couples to tell us “their song” and why it’s so special to them.

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(I’ve had) The time of my life – Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes

“Since we met it has been an amazing whirlwind of love, friendship, laughter, fun & adventure – it really has been the time of my life. Finding someone to be myself with and share life with is fantastic. We re-enacted the Dirty Dancing dance as our first dance on our wedding day and it continues to make us smile! Our 8 month daughter likes it too, as she giggles & bobs around with excitement when hears it!!!”


Steve, eHarmony member

One Love – Bob Marley

“Has to be Bob Marley one love – reminds me of our engagement in Jamaica last year. It was such a special moment and one I never thought would truly happen when I first logged onto eHarmony to try and find the one.”


Duncan and Sophie

Video Games – Lana Del Ray

“Sophie and I met through eHarmony nearly two years ago. Three months later we went on a road trip to Italy together and whilst having dinner overlooking Lake Como this song was  playing in the background when I asked if she’d marry me. I hadn’t planned any music and I’d never heard this song before, it was just playing. We chose it for our first dance at our wedding last year.”


Grace and Alan

Friday I’m in Love – The Cure

“Our special song is ‘Friday I’m in Love’ by The Cure because we used to meet on Friday evenings and spend weekends together. I’ll always associate this song with waiting for Alan and the anticipation of seeing him after a whole long week.”


Jenny and Ian

No Other Way – Paolo Nutini

“We first heard this song while watching Paolo live at the Eden Project in Cornwall – we’d only met 2 months previously and when we heard the song live it became very special to us. Ian proposed later that year and the song choice for our first dance was a no-brainer!”



Let It Go – Frozen soundtrack

“We knew we were made for it each other when this song came on in the car when we were stuck in traffic. We both burst out in song at the top of our voices – dance moves included! Even when other people in passing cars started staring and laughing we both carried on regardless of what anyone else thought. Every time I hear that song now it still makes me smile.”


What does music mean to you in a relationship?

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