The Star Wars Guide to Dating


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Love might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of Star Wars, but look past the lightsabers and you might be surprised by the amount of romance you’ll find hidden in the action. Here are 7 of the best love lessons we’ve taken from the films so far

Most people may think Rebel Alliance before romance but the Star Wars films are, at their heart, all about relationships. Whether it’s exploring that father/son dynamic, tracking the shift of power in young couples or chronicling the adventures of a charming commitment-phobe, Star Wars has done it all. So, whether you’re looking for your own Han Solo or have your eye on a Princess Leia, we’ve rounded up all the best relationship advice you’ll need from the films so far.

Don’t be afraid to ask for advice
When it comes to life’s important questions – love included – Luke Skywalker knows better than anyone that advice from someone older and wiser always helps. He was lucky enough to have two mentors in his corner, and whenever he needed guidance, he knew that he could rely on Obi-Wan and Yoda to steer him the right way. So, take your lead from Luke and never be afraid to ask for relationship advice from someone you trust.

When you love someone, tell them
Han Solo may have had irresistible charm but when it came to expressing real feelings, he was less vocal than Chewy! Case in point; that dramatic scene in The Empire Strikes Back just before Han is frozen in ice and Leia finally tells him she loves him. His underwhelming response? ‘I know.’ While his words might be totally in character, it’s not exactly the kind of openness a great relationship is built on!

You can find the love of your life without ditching your wingman
Star Wars didn’t only introduce us to the Force, lightsabers and Ewoks (our personal favourites), it also brought us one of the greatest duos in film history: Han Solo and Chewbacca. This pair were inseparable, unflinchingly loyal and always ready to come to the other’s aid in a sticky situation. And the best thing about them? When Leia came into their lives, nothing changed; proving once and for all that when the right person comes along, your real friends will have your back.

Be brave and fight for what you believe in
From Obi-Wan and Anakin to Rey and Finn, there’s one trait that all Star Wars heroes share – bravery. Whether it’s Luke flying through danger to destroy the Death Star or Finn breaking ranks to leave his life as a Stormtrooper behind, every character in the films knows that it’s worth being brave to fight for something you believe in. So why not take inspiration from this brave bunch and take that leap in your dating life? Send that message or smile at that stranger today!

Stay positive and good things will come
When it comes to choosing between the light and the dark side, it’s easy to see why the darkness can be so tempting. It can be so much easier – especially when online dating – to give in to pessimism, stop trying, and let yourself wallow. But, we promise that keeping an open mind, staying positive and making dating fun will make the whole experience a whole lot better – and help you find that special someone a lot sooner!

Sometimes you’re better off as friends
Okay, so they turned out to be brother and sister anyway, but anyone could see that Luke and Leia were always better off as friends. They had a lot of similarities, which made them great partners in the field, but they were missing that certain something that would have taken them to the next level. So, it’s always worth keeping in mind that, even if you meet someone on a first date that doesn’t set your world alight, it could always be the start of a great new friendship.

It’s all about chemistry
And speaking of sparks, they certainly started flying when Han first locked eyes on Leia. This pair may have had a tumultuous path to true love, but they actually shared many core characteristics that, with the help of their immediate chemistry, would make them perfect partners in the long run. They were both adventurous, independent, and fiercely loyal, with a commitment to doing the right thing – no wonder they were drawn to each other!

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