How to survive being single on New Year’s Eve


single new years eve

Facing being single on New Year’s Eve can be daunting but shouldn’t be all doom and gloom
Any time of celebration can be challenging when you’re single but none more tricky than New Year, which seems to be dominated by canoodling couples wherever you look.

To stop you from sinking into a vat of self-pity or loneliness here are some suggestions which will not only help you get through it but could allow you to start the new year in a positive way.

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Round up your single friends

Have you been invited anywhere? If you have and you’re avoiding going just because you’re single, ask a friend to go along with you. If you haven’t, team up with another single and find out what’s going on in your area. Wherever you live there’s bound to be some public place where there will be crowds, fireworks and good cheer. Put yourself right in the thick of it.

Alternatively, could you throw a spontaneous party at your place? An open door to neighbours, friends and family is a great way to loosen up and let life come to you. It doesn’t have to be grand or flashy; warm hospitality is enough. Guests will usually bring a bottle (and a lump of coal if it’s after midnight).

single new years eve

Look good, feel great

Looking your best will often help you feel more confident. Go all out and dress as you would for a hot date. Spend some time pampering yourself and grooming all those parts that often get neglected during the winter months. Sexy is an attitude, not a costume. By adopting a positive approach you will automatically appear more attractive to others. It doesn’t matter what size, shape or age you are, it’s all about your attitude. Happiness radiates from the inside out.

Let go of limiting attitudes and beliefs

The new year is a time of reflection when we look at the year past and see if we’ve moved on and achieved the things we wanted to. If you’re single you might have a sense of failure but don’t be disheartened. 

Now is the time to take a leap of faith, identify what’s holding you back and resolve to let go of it. Writing it on a piece of paper and throwing it in a fire or out to sea are rituals for many practice at the turn of the year, discarding the old and welcoming the new.

Use your New Year’s resolution wisely

Is your happiness dependant on outside circumstances? Do you only feel good when everything’s going your way? What if your New Year’s resolution was to be happy no matter what? The only thing we have control over in life is our attitude towards it. Why not choose to be grateful for what you have and try to find the positive in every situation. Complain less, help others more and choose to do the things you love rather than the things you should.

Meet compatible matches

Happy New Year!

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