Taking the First Step – Picking the Perfect Shoes for a First Date


Taking the first step can be scary so online fashion retailer Zalando have shared their top tips to help you dress to impress and feel confident dating.

The thrill of the chase gives you the ideal opportunity to experiment with your own personal style, explore what you really want and maybe try something new. Dating is great for having a little fun with your style, meeting new people and letting your hair down. It’s a chance to show the world the real you, and reinvent yourself (and your style!) depending on the situation.

It’s about taking a step in the right direction, and starting a new adventure in good company. Sometimes it might be quite daunting to make the first move and put yourself out there, but choosing the right outfit and shoes can give you that little extra bit of confidence, make you stand that little extra bit taller and help make taking the first step that little bit less scary.

Put your best foot forward by choosing the perfect footwear for whatever you have planned. Take to the dance floor with a pair of elegant Mary Jane heels, allowing you to dance the night away and feel at ease. Make a statement on a city trip with a pair of colourful high heeled pumps, giving you the confidence to let your personality show through as you paint the town red. Opt for a pair of chic ankle boots with skinny jeans for a day-trip to the countryside, allowing you to feel at ease and elegant. Perhaps your date is looking for a low-key evening, making bold lace-up sneakers the perfect option for a night at your local, or sleek ballerinas for an evening at the cinema.

Wellies for a date? Not the obvious choice, but a local festival or outdoor gig can be the perfect place to get to know each other without the intensity of a formal setting like a posh restaurant or theatre trip. Trainers or walking shoes might seem a little more practical than pretty, but you’ll look and feel more self-conscious if you and your pumps are in a desperate battle against muddy puddles on a romantic country walk. Bowling is a great leveller – have you ever met anyone who looks good in a bowling shoe? You’ll be having so much fun you won’t have time to worry about your feet…just make sure you have a nice pair of lace-ups in your bag for later!

For the guys, sleek forms are where it’s at. Show off your fun side on a go-karting date with canvas lace-ups or high-tops. Choose a pair of casual lace-ups with relaxed for an intimate gig, going to see your favourite artist together whilst you bond over a shared love of music. Impress your date with a pair of classic leather brogues and a sharp suit on a fancy dinner date, pulling out all the stops with a touch of personal style, showing you’re not afraid to break the rules.

Perfect pairs

Although finding the perfect pair can be tough, the important thing to remember is it’s all about having a little fun with your style and choosing accessories that make you feel your best. The question is, when the sparks start to fly, will you be brave enough to take the first step?

Whatever you have planned, be brave, put your best foot forward and don’t be afraid to take #thefirststep.

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