What does your potential partner’s taste in art say about them?


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Whether you love the chaos of abstract art or the quiet beauty of impressionist pieces, your taste in art says a lot about your personality. But what might it say about your potential partner? We investigated…

Art can be a controversial topic, and whether you’re an art aficionado or someone with no more than a passing interest in paintings, everyone has an opinion on what constitutes good art. But what does your taste in art say about you, and what does it say about your potential partners? After all, artistic passion is one of the 29 dimensions that eHarmony takes into account when helping your find your compatible matches. Well, we teamed up with our friends at Artfinder to find out…


Dating a fan of cubism? Then prepare for some lively debates. Fans of this art form tend to enjoy a little controversy, although they’re also open-minded. As cubism ignores traditional perspectives in favour of new angles, don’t expect your date to follow typical dating rules.


If you’re looking for a relationship free from conflict, then it’s well worth seeking out a fan of impressionism. Impressionist works typically feature more muted tones and don’t seek to offend and those who love them tend to have a similar character, being more agreeable and conscientious than the average date.


Renaissance pieces capture the beauty that can be found in the simple things of life, so a fan of this school of art will likely be a conservative character. This is one date that will play by the rules. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself heading to a museum or art gallery on one of your first dates – this type will be drawn to traditional brick and mortar venues.


If you’re drawn to intellectual types, then fans of abstract art would be a great fit for you. These tend to be strong characters who aren’t afraid to be argumentative and embrace controversial ideas. Unsurprising, since abstract pieces can often cause a bit of a stir too!

Of course, this doesn’t mean that can’t be argumentative and also love the serene nature of impressionism. And it certainly doesn’t mean you won’t find common ground with those who have a different taste in art than you. However, eHarmony research shows that a shared passion for art can help to contribute to happier, long-lasting relationships.

As Artfinder always say, your reaction to art should always come from your gut. It could well be that your partner loves abstract art because they’re a little eccentric themselves or they may be drawn to it because it represents the opposite of their well-ordered, conservative personality. Either way, it’s the joy that sharing a love of art can bring you that really matters.

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