Ten great autumn dates – part two



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6.    Get your skates on: For the more adventurous (and less inclined to embarrassment), ice skating is an energetic way to spend an evening. It breaks down barriers, and is a great excuse to hold your date’s hand! During the autumn and winter months, outdoor ice rinks open up all over the UK.

7.    Go to a gig: Gigs can be great fun, but a concert you have to pay for can be a bit expensive, and inhibits conversation – not ideal on a date. However, a local pub gig can be both fun and cheap (or even free). Plus, if you want to chat, you can just move to the back of the bar, away from the noise.

8.    See the sights: If you’re in charge of the date – and feeling creative – some local sightseeing can be a great way to spend a day. It’s easy to live somewhere without ever exploring any local landmarks, so arrange a tour around them for you and your date. Just remember to wrap up warm!

9.    Laugh together: Everybody likes to laugh, and a visit to a comedy club can make for a great evening. You’ll find out a lot about what tickles your date, and there’ll hopefully be something to amuse you both.

10.    Enjoy the fun of the fair: Fairs make for fantastic autumn activities, with their bright lights, hot snacks and best of all, thrilling rides. Share toffee apples, win prizes for each other on hook a duck and snuggle up on the big wheel.

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