The Apprentice Guide to Dating


With this year’s batch of Apprentice hopefuls whittled down to the two finalists, we take a look at what they’ve inadvertently taught us about the business of dating.


Don’t lie

We all want to make a good impression on the first date, and it can be tempting to be a little liberal with the truth.

However, Brett the military man sternly disapproves of such behaviour. “Factual. I am factual. I never base anything on lies,” he states, specifically.

While frankness is usually an appealing trait, there are limits – a fact that Selina might consider when out on dates. Her announcement that “I don’t have children and I don’t like them” is a little too much information for a first encounter.


Dress to impress

Making an effort with your appearance shows that you mean business. If you’re not sure about what to wear, err on the side of glam. This we learnt from Elle, whose control over her team whilst penning a children’s book was possibly down to her wearing a princess tiara for the entire exercise.


Stay calm

Everyone gets nervous, particularly when they feel that they’re being judged. This is as true for those on first dates as it is for Apprentice candidates making a sales pitch.

It seems that our speech is often the first thing to go in stressful situations, rendering us incapable of expressing simple sentiments.

Take Scott trying to sell property in South London, a place he says is “very highly populated by everybody”.

Even the droid-like Brett is subject to human nerves when trying to sell crisps. “We’re passionate about our product,” he says “and our product is in a passionate position in what it needs to be.”


Be kind to animals

The Apprentice pet show

Showing your caring nature will always go down well on a date – particularly if it’s expressed through a love of fluffy animals. After all, British people are known for being attached to their pets.

The Apprentice candidates discovered just how much we’re willing to spend on pets when they visited the London Pet show in episode four.

The shock of finding out that you can buy £600 customisable cat towers is only offset by Brett’s sage advice to team mates: “We need to be upbeat on what the rabbit sector is going to offer.”


Tame the ego

Daniel Apprentice

Apprentice 2015 candidate Richard Woods. Image credit: BBC.

Confidence is attractive, over-confidence is not. Indeed, brash displays of ego are often laughable – as demonstrated by Apprentice contestants time and again.

Imagine sitting down to dinner with someone who starts a conversation with: “People do say to me they’ve never met anyone like me’’ (Scott Saunders), or who claim to be “the definition of success” (Joseph Valente) whilst gravely promising: “One day, you will see my name in lights” (Jenny Garbis).

Keep it light

First dates should be fun and light-hearted, but resist the urge to play the fool. Remember Dan? He who said: “I’m just a generally all round quite entertaining person. A lot of people laugh at me.” Don’t be him.


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