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As wine overtakes beer as ‘nation’s favourite drink especially on dates, We asked our friends at Virgin Wines to share their expertise on the perfect date wine.  Never use wine to save the date use it to enhance it

Adventure or Romance: We have the perfect date wine for that

When I sat down to think about a topic for this blog post, I considered writing a very generic wine/food matching guide. When jumping feet first into the pool of love, dinner and drinks are a common way to break the ice and start the journey of discovery. It was going to include handy tips like, don’t select high tannin reds when tucking into Dover Sole and always try to match the acidity of the food with the acidity of the wine.

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However when looking through all of the advice that eharmony provides, I noticed that first, second and third dates are as varied as wine. So many incredible options, how do you possibly narrow it down? So I decided to embark on a journey, discovering the different types of dates and matching them to a different wine, giving you the ultimate guide to the best wine for dates.

The Adventurous One

adventurous date wine

This date for me is by far the most entertaining, it gets you out of your element, you learn about each other through an activity and it’s largely different, breaking from the dinner and drinks convention. Whether it is a simple bike ride, a visit to a theme park, the zoo or even an extreme skydiving session, you want a wine that fits. You want it to be big and bold, unapologetically forward and exciting.

Australian Shiraz would be my date wine choice here. Shiraz has dark, thick skins. This means that when it becomes fully ripe, it produces a delicious wine with deep blackberry notes.  Australian Shiraz usually comes with a high alcohol content and the warm climate leaves a plethora of incredibly satisfying flavours. It’s big, it’s bold and it’s in your face.

Our choice – The Black Pig Clare Valley Shiraz 2014, £11.99/bottle

The Dinner Date

dinner date wine

The classic. This is a tried and trusted date variety. It may not be the most exciting, but there is something about getting to know someone over a good meal and even better wine. Once you’re past the awkward first date questions, it’s time to really get down to the compatibility test. Obviously when you’re on the date itself, you’ll want to think carefully about your wine match. When matching a wine to this type of date, I’m sticking to a classic style that never fails to impress.

You can’t go wrong with French Pinot Noir. Some of the most expensive wines in the World are made using this grape variety. Unlike Shiraz, Pinot Noir is a thin skinned grape which results in a light to medium-bodied red. The difference here is that instead of those fruit-forward black fruit flavours, you get more delicate red fruits like Strawberry and redcurrant. A classic style date wine for a classic date.

Our choice – La Paulee Bourgogne Rouge 2014, £16.99/bottle

The Cultural Date

culture date wine

This isn’t always the most popular date, but it’s always extremely interesting and what better way to get to know one another. A trip to a local monument, a museum, an art gallery or perhaps a wine tasting hey, even wine making. Discovering something new together always brings people closer. For a date like this, you need a grape variety to match. Something a little unusual, something that is a little different. Something that isn’t all that common, but very rewarding.

For this, I’ve chosen Gewürztraminer as our culture date wine. A grape that is very difficult to grow, it picks up all the pests and diseases in the vineyard and it takes a truly talented winemaker to get the best out of it. The name quite literally means spicy or perfumed wine. It’s grown in many areas, but it’s at its best in Alsace on the border of France and Germany. It’s a fantastic wine to pair with food. It’s fancy, it’s intriguing, and discovering a good Gewürztraminer is quite the journey.

Our choice – Aloisiushof Element Gewürztraminer 2014, £11.99/bottle

Just like dates, there are a lot of wines to try. Experimenting with varieties you’ve never heard of from places you didn’t think of is always exciting. We’ve made it our mission to discover the areas that offer the best wines at the best prices, and it’s taken us all over the World. Whether that is Romania for a Pinot Noir or Lebanon for a Cabernet Blend, we’re constantly evolving and learning, just like the dating world.

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