The secret to finishing a date gracefully



While first dates can be thrilling, ending them can be fraught with anxiety. How do you make an exit that leaves you both wanting more or agreeing to go your separate ways without discomfort? Don’t let the excitement of meeting someone new be marred by worries about your final exchange. Side step those stammer-inducing endings by following this easy guide.

Plan the end time of your date before it starts

eHarmony research shows that 60% of UK singles would rather go for a coffee or a drink as a first date than dinner, dancing or movies. Short first dates help you gauge whether there’s any spark without wasting time if there’s not. As well as making first meetings brief, set clear end times before your date begins. That way, you both have the same idea of how the date will finish. Then, when it comes to an end, thank the other person, give them a handshake or hug (whatever seems right), and be on your way.
When it feels appropriate, tell your date if you’d like to see them again. If the feeling’s mutual, they will probably make it clear.

Then, let your date know when and how you’ll be in touch again (keeping to your word!). If they’re not interested, they will probably be honest, letting you down gently. Either way, keep this exchange brief to avoid an excruciating farewell.

Be honest

To end any date well, it’s essential to be honest about whether or not you’d like to see the other person again. Don’t mislead them if you have no intention of calling them later. Leaving someone hanging will only be painful on his or her part. Your date will thank you for being straight with them.

Always have your own transport

Until you’re relaxed and comfortable with the other person, make sure you can both make your own way to and from your date. Then you’ll be free to come and go as you please. Plus, you’ll avoid a lot of potential embarrassment like trying to get the other person out of your car if he or she wants to prolong the date but you’re ready to head home.

Keep things relaxed

Our top tip for avoiding end-of-date awkwardness is to keep dates relaxed. A casual approach helps things to develop naturally without either of you becoming uncomfortable. Being too intense is a quick way to send someone running! By being yourself (and allowing your date to do so, too), you create the best situation for getting to know someone new. This is the key to a successful dating future.

Watch your date’s body language

Not sure whether a first kiss is on the cards? It’s not rocket science. Look for the obvious clues. If they step closer or lean in during final conversation, tell you that it was a great date or linger while giving you a goodbye hug, it’s a pretty clear hint for you to make the next move. First kisses are best kept brief to show your date you respect them. You’ll increase your chances of more kisses on later dates!

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