Top 7 kissing mistakes


A single kiss can be surprisingly telling. At best it makes you go weak at the knees, and at worst it can leave you feeling repulsed. If it’s a first kiss it could even determine whether you’ll be going on another date with that person. We’ve put together our own list of what we think are the top 7 kissing makes someone can make. Read, take note and never experience – or give – another rubbish kiss!

It’s unwelcome
Usually it’s pretty clear whether a date is going well or not. Leaning in close, laughing at each other’s jokes or simply saying you’ll meet up again are all green lights. On the other hand, if you’re not getting these signals, don’t attempt a potentially awkward kiss. Maybe they’re just shy, you tell yourself, but even if they are chances are they’re not going to be up for a kiss at the end of the night. Usually you’re best off going with your gut instinct, and if your gut is telling you this person might not be interested, don’t try and force a kiss on them.

It’s a big wet one
Does your date or other half wipe their mouth after you kiss? Then you’re probably a sloppy kisser. Try to dial down the saliva before you go in for the kiss, it’s not pleasant or necessary!

It leaves you breathless
In a passionate kiss you can end up being so close that you block each other’s noses and make it hard to breathe. If your partner is always trying to change their kissing position, take the hint. A kiss should leave you weak at the knees, not passed out on your back.

It stares you out
Some people like to keep their eyes open when they kiss, but they’re in the minority. Until you know what your partner prefers, keep your eyes shut too, in case they decide to look at you mid kiss and realise you’ve been staring at them the whole time. It can feel a bit creepy to someone unused to it.

It’s mistimed
When it comes to kissing timing is all important, and unfortunately nerves can really throw this off. If the mood takes you while you’re crossing a road, just as the heavens have opened or as your date has taken a bite of dinner, suppress that urge. Wait until you’re in a quiet, relaxed moment when you’re both ready (and not still munching on some salad).

It happens in a terrible location
Which leads us onto this point; location, location, location, as Phil and Kirsty would say. Or rather, don’t go in for a kiss when you’re in a big group of your date’s friends, or when you’re taking a short cut through a dank alley. The first might embarrass them, and the second is just horribly unromantic.

It’s the wrong size
There’s a moment for a deep, long passionate kiss and you need to choose it properly. Maybe your date just isn’t ready, or they’re just not in the mood. Whatever, go in gently and see where it takes you both, instead of behaving like a bull in a china shop.

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