Top five first date faux pas


Our latest research has identified the top five first date faux pas! Thankfully, the majority of Brits are managing to avoid these first date pitfalls, with the number of first dates leading to second dates soaring by 48 per cent over the past five years.

1.Being rude to staff

The absolute worst thing you can do on a first date according to our research is be rude to staff. They say you can tell a person not by how they treat you, but how they treat others. Be respectful, kind and pleasant to those around you if you want to make the ultimate first impression!

2. Constantly checking your phone

Want to make it look as though you’re uninterested, distracted and desperate to get out of there? Great – then check your phone constantly. If you want a second date it’s simple – show you’re interested and give them your full attention. (You can always have a sneaky peek when your date’s nipped to the loo!)

3. Talking about the ex

Your ex is in the past for a reason. Make sure you don’t metaphorically (or literally!) bring your ex on a date with you – no one wants to date someone who’s still attached to a past romance.

4. Swearing too much

We get it, you’re nervous, you’re excited and your date just showed up looking super hot. It’s easy to let a few naughty words slip out without thinking, but mind your manners if you want to make it to date number two!

5. Showing off

In fifth place on our list of first date faux-pas is bragging! No one likes a show off. Spend the time you have with your date getting to know them and try not to focus too much on your material possessions.

Did you know?

Nearly a quarter of all first dates are now arranged via the web, with singles that met online more likely than not to secure a second date. A key reason behind these ‘better dates’ is that they take more time getting to know a potential partner prior to meeting up.

Online daters spend an average of 15 days ‘talking’ before a first date, much longer than the nine days between those who meet via friends and six days between singletons who meet on a night out.

Despite being clear on the qualities we look for in a first date, when it comes to finding the perfect location, it would appear that as a nation we are creatures of habit. Just like five years ago, a meal at a restaurant or drinks at a bar remain the top first date venues.



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