Top tips for your first family holiday with a new partner


It’s the school holidays and you’re ramping up for the annual family getaway – but this time there’s a new addition. Blogger Slummy single mummy shares her advice on holidaying with a new partner in tow

Congratulations! You’ve reached a landmark. You’ve met someone, dated, and got over the hurdle of introducing them to your children. Even better, they seem to get along too, and now that moment has finally come – the first family holiday.

Travelling with children can be stressful at the best of times, so add in the pressure of wanting to create a relaxed and happy holiday for everyone, at the same time as making a good impression on a new partner, and unless you plan carefully, you could end up in a pickle.

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Fear not. We have some top tips to help your first family holiday go as smoothly as possible.


Stay local

If your kids aren’t keen on travel, (and let’s be honest, how many kids are?), then consider staying somewhere closer to home for your first trip rather than adding to the trauma with a long haul flight or choppy ferry trip. Vomit on your shoulder is not a sexy look and you want to showcase your kids as impeccably behaved, not charging up and down the aisle of a plane.


Short and sweet

We’re talking the break here rather than your date, although that could work too. Bringing together any group of people for a long period of time can be intense, so maybe it’s better to ease yourself in gently with a weekend break? We’d certainly advise against a month long barge holiday.


Do your research as a family

If you’ve all taken the time to sit down together and plan your holiday everybody will feel much more invested in it. The planning and the anticipation is one of the best bits, and can be a real bonding experience for new families. It’s a great way to learn more about each other too.


Create opportunities to spend time apart

In the early days of a relationship it can feel almost like cheating on someone to admit that actually you’d quite like to spend a little bit of time on your own, but this is perfectly normal and healthy. Choosing a holiday destination that allows you to sometimes explore different things is a good idea, plus then you’re even more pleased to see each other when you meet back up again.


Plan some childcare

If your budget allows it, choosing a holiday destination that has some on site childcare is a must. Whether it’s a day time kids’ club or an evening babysitting service, making sure you get some time together as a couple helps to keep the romance alive in the holiday and gives you the time to cherish each other away from the endless demands for ice cream. (Unless your partner really likes ice cream.)


Take these tips into consideration when planning your holiday and we guarantee the break will seal the deal!*


*By guarantee we mean ‘hope’. No refunds given.

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Jo Middleton is a mum to two girls and an experienced internet dater. Read more from Jo on her award winning blog, Slummy single mummy or follow her on Twitter for more bite sized updates.

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