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Types of humour

Looking for someone who will make you laugh? Forget about finding someone funny, you need someone that likes the same types of humour as you

Let’s be honest; we’re all looking for someone who can make us laugh. A good sense of humour – GSOH – is consistently rated as one the most important traits in a potential partner. But what does it really mean? There are a range of different types of humour out there and when we say we want someone with a good sense of humour, what we really mean is we want someone who finds the same things funny as us.

The best place to start is by identifying which of the nine types of humour appeals to you the most. Do you get the giggles when someone slips in the snow? Or would you rather spend half an hour cracking up to Jimmy Carr jokes? It could make all the difference when looking for a compatible match.

Here are the types of humour you need to know:

1. Physical

Physical, or slapstick humour, is one of the most easily identifiable types of humour. Essentially, if pratfalls and exaggerated accidents make you laugh, you’re a fan of physical humour. Find someone that loves You’ve Been Framed as much as you do, and you’ll soon be struggling to suppress your smiles together!

2. Self-deprecating

Many people are more than happy to make themselves the butt of the joke – and comedians are no exception! Joan Rivers, Conan O’Brien, Simon Amstell, and Jon Richardson are all classic examples. So, if you’re the first to point out your flaws or laugh at your mistakes, you’ll find common ground with fans of self-deprecating humour.

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3. Surreal

If you like comedy that’s off-the-wall, a little unusual, or even downright weird, you probably have a surreal sense of humour. Look out for a match that lists Monty Python’s Flying Circus, The League of Gentlemen, or The Mighty Boosh on their online dating profile and you’ll likely find that you’re comedically compatible.

4. Improvisational

Improvisational comedy is a bit of a mystery. Typically, improvisors start with a topic or phrase and then just go where the comedy takes them. As the jokes are made up as they go along, this is one of the most challenging types of humour – and one of the most impressive! Many of the world’s most famous comedians started out as improvisors, including Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Mike Myers.

5. Wit

It may be one of those types of humour that makes more people groan than giggle, but puns and wordplay are both forms of wit. While it may not be everyone’s favourite, wit is easily conveyed over text or email, which makes it ideal when looking for love online. So, if you love a Dad joke, don’t despair!

6. Topical

Topical humour takes inspiration from current events. Politics is the most popular theme for comedians to poke fun at. From The Thick of It satirising scenes from the House of Commons to people picking on politicians on Have I Got News For You, topical comedy is one of the most popular types of humour in the UK. So, if you like to combine your current affairs with a chuckle you’ll be compatible with someone that also has their finger on the pulse.

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7. Observational

The likes of Michael McIntyre, Jerry Seinfeld, and Sarah Millican have built their careers on observational comedy. This form of humour takes inspiration from everyday events – experiences that are common to almost everyone – and finds the funny side. Observational is one of the most accessible forms of comedy, so if you’re a fan, you’ll likely find plenty of single people who feel the same.

8. Bodily

Yes, bodily humour does essentially mean that you find fart jokes funny. It’s as simple as that. It may be one of the most immature types of humour, but toilet humour often also has universal appeal – just look at the success of that bathroom scene in Bridesmaids!

9. Dark

Dark humour has an edge. While still funny, there are often depressing or unusual undertones that make this type of comedy a little unsettling as well as entertaining. These darker themes make it one of the least accessible types of humour but those that do get it, love it. Fans of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Black Books are typically dark humour fans.

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