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Our eyes met across a crowded room… Finding love is littered with clichés like this – in fact, it doesn’t often happen so easily. If you are fed up with the same old, same old, why not try something new? With the release of our Great Date guide  you can see that some people find love in the strangest places. Along with some fantastic date suggestions for wherever you live in the UK, there were some slightly more unusual locations.


Here are 10 other unusual places that love can blossom in – and there’s not a crowded room in sight. Find your perfect match online today and surprise them with any of our unusual date suggestions below.

Going to the dogs

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Image source – Flickr

Dogs are a great way to get people talking and there’s no reason you shouldn’t turn your dog walk into a date hunt – or make your date a romantic stroll with the dogs playing gooseberry. History shows it can work, Davina McCall first crossed leads with her husband whilst walking the dog.

Take them for a ride

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Theme parks aren’t normally the number one date location, however a little excitement can be a great way to bond during a first date. It’s a useful way to ensure there won’t be any awkward silences too. Read more about how this can be the perfect date in our Great Date Guide here.

You must be tripping!

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Image source – Cappy Writes

If you are looking for someone who shares your passion for travel, why not suggest a first date at a cafe in the airport lounge to share tales of your favourite trips?

In fact, the hassle of an airport lounge or the boredom of the train need not just test your nerves: with a bit of courage they can offer perfect opportunities to strike up conversations. Whether you connect over missed connections or strike lucky during a strike, take your chances and who knows where you’ll be heading.

Get their heart racing

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Image source – Daily Mail

A little competition is never a bad thing in a relationship. It must’ve worked a few times as it’s another idea that was suggested by one of eHarmony’s success couples in our Great Date Guide.

Strike a match

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Image source – Flickr

Whether it’s in the soccer stands or at the running club, sport is a great way to develop relationships. Admittedly, sweating after a four-mile jog may not leave you looking your best, but shared activities offer something in common to build on.

Lessons in love

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Image source – Pauline Maria

Whether it’s making sushi, learning a language or painting pictures, night classes can help you to pick up more than just a few new skills.

Book yourself a table for two

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Image source – Book Steve’s Libary

If you love books the local library is a good bet for spending some quality time with someone who shares your passion. Pay off those late fines, dust down that ticket and forget the whole ‘silence is golden’ rule.

Read the signs

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Image source – RYoga Centre

Silent meditation can seem like a very unlikely place to find love. However it is empty vessels that make the most noise so start getting deep with your loved one at a retreat.

No smoke – but there may be fire

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Image source – iTriage Health

Smoking support groups could help you kick the habit and light the fires of love. Where better to sympathise, commiserate and support your partner. Lose the habit and start finding love.

Where’s the strangest place you have found love?

Do you know of any other unusual places that love blossoms? Share it with us in the comments below.


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