Weird dating behaviour women should avoid


We’ve talked about the weird behaviour men should avoid when dating, but we thought we’d better explore the weird behaviour women can exhibit on dates too. You might be all prepped for a great date, but unfortunately there are some behaviours that will set his alarm bells ringing and may ruin your chances of ever hearing from him again.

What’s important is to know the difference between what makes you seem interesting, or cute, and what makes you just plain weird. For example, collecting dolls from around the world is relatively ‘normal’. Collecting your belly button fluff in a jar isn’t. OK, that might be an extreme example, but read on for five more realistic weird behaviours exhibited by women on dates. And why they turn guys straight off.

1.    Obsessing over your ex
We hear about this time and time again, in everyday life and on the advice site; the terrible date where she decided the main topic of conversation would be her ex. If they’re still not quite over a recent break-up, women – generally more so than men, but not exclusively – have a tendency to think their date for the night will want to hear about the man in question.

Maybe it’s cathartic, or maybe she’s run out of friends to bore with the details, but far too many men have sat through far too many dates listening to what a sensitive guy Jason was, or what a cruel git David was. Ladies, your date is about the future, not the past, and as soon as he hears you talking about your ex it’s over. If you do find yourself talking about your ex on dates, maybe you’re just not ready to find someone new yet.

2.    Talking about other dates
Sometimes on a date it’s hard to know what to say, so you just say the first thing that comes into your head. And sometimes that might be about other dates you’ve been on. Yes, it happens, and yes, it’s not exactly a huge turn on. If your date is going ok, you might be tempted to drop in stories of disastrous previous dates, but bad mouthing other men you’ve been out with just makes you look bitchy. It also raises the question ‘What’s she going to say about me?’ Save it for your dating debrief with friends rather than your poor date.

3.    Wearing very uncomfortable clothing
Women have all sorts of odd ideas about how men like them to dress and behave. But the truth is that 80% (a guesstimate!) of that hoiking up, waxing and plucking goes unnoticed or is just deemed unnecessary. A lot of men view a woman who’s gone over the top with her appearance as either being high maintenance or try-hard. We’re not saying men want women who make no effort, but while you’re tottering around in a tight skirt looking very uncomfortable he’s looking at you wondering why you’ve made yourself so uncomfortable.

4.    Eating like a bird
Have you ever gone on a dinner date, wanted steak and chips but opted for a side salad because you don’t want to look like a gannet? Lots of women do this because they think that men only ever want to date skinny minnies. But the fact is that most men would rather go out with a woman who enjoyed her food than one who looked miserable picking at a side salad. Eat normally! Men find it very weird when women obsess over food, mainly because this is something they rarely think about.

5.    Talking about the future
When a date’s going well it’s so tempting to start thinking ahead. But before you ask him to be your plus one to your cousin’s wedding next year, think about how appropriate that really is. It’s important to remember that your date is pretty much a stranger, and even if they do like you, your talk of ‘the future’ might be off-putting.

Even if you talk in general terms, conversations on big life subjects such as weddings and children can be overwhelming. It’s outdated to say that all men are scared off at the first sign of a woman wanting to make a commitment, but women tend to think on more emotional terms than men. Conversely men think on more practical terms, and these big conversations should be left well alone for the first few months at least. Focus on the fun side of dating and getting to know each other – there’s plenty of time for the rest later on!

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