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Even though it might seem like a given to a lot of us, too many people seem to forget that good manners matter on a date. Read any tabloid paper and you’d be forgiven for thinking society is turning feral, and while this might be a bit of an exaggeration, good manners are definitely on the decline.

On a date, you may think it’s better to be relaxed rather than formal, but does that mean your manners go out the window? Other than in a job interview, you will never face more scrutiny from another person than on a first date. Your manners – which go much further than offering to pay the bill and opening doors for your partner – say a lot about you and your mindset.

Here’s how to keep those manners in check on your next date:

Mind your language
Even if you do let out the odd swear word amongst your friends on an ordinary day, resist the urge on a date. Think how horrible it sounds when you hear someone loudly effing and blinding in a public place, and then see if you still want to swear in front of your date. Remember, you don’t know your date yet – would you swear directly at someone you met in the street? We didn’t think so.

Don’t try to be too funny
Being able to have a laugh with a potential partner is an incredibly important indicator as to whether you’ll be well suited. But try to remember that everyone has a different sense of humour. Just because you find Ben Stiller comedies funny, doesn’t mean you should recount your love of ‘that’ scene from There’s Something About Mary. And remember, it takes just one inappropriate moment to put someone off. Maybe it shouldn’t be that way (everyone deserves a second chance) but it just is. Until you can work out your date’s sense of humour, keep those fruitier jokes to yourself.

Be nice to everyone – not just your date
You can be nice as pie to your date, but if you’re rude to the waiter it won’t matter one bit. Your date isn’t stupid, and will be able to see through the facade if you’re incapable of being polite to your taxi driver. If you find yourself being rude to people beyond your date, ask yourself why. Whether it’s nerves, or simply that you do lack manners, it’s best to nip this in the bud quickly.

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