Great Date Guide: winter edit


Sourced from recommendations from among thousands of eHarmony couples, the Great Date Guide is home to the best dating venues and activities across the UK. Take a look at our favourite cold-weather date venues in our 2014-15 winter edit.

Australasia, Manchester

If  you’d choose a local wine bar for your first date, you probably won’t be expecting something quite as impressive as Manchester’s Australasia Bar.

Bistro 21, Durham

The goal of most first dates is to get on well enough to plan a second, and if you’re lucky, finish the night with a kiss. Your average date doesn’t end up at the local Registery Office, but with Bistro 21, if the mood takes you, you can – it’s only next door

Drink Shop Do, Kings Cross

Where better to start your date than at a home away from home? Or even better, the home you wish you had. ‘Drink Shop Do’, decorated like someone’s front room, gives you that and more.

Hampton Court Palace, London

The song says “we’ll never be royals”, but we say “why not?”. If you’ve got your sights set on grander ventures, Hampton Court Palace is literally fit for a King or Queen, no matter who it may be who has taken your fancy.

Hyde Park and Serpentine Gallery, London

There’s a reason why Hyde Park was once the stomping ground of Kings and Queens and now welcomes millions of visitors every year.

Snow Factor, Glasgow

It might be a bit much to whisk your date off to the Alps for a first date but if you’ve got your heart set on a date on the slopes, Glasgow’s Snow Factor is a great alternative.

The Hardwick Inn, Chesterfield

With a beautiful building – constructed using locally quarried sandstone and dating back to the 15th century, delicious home-cooked food, and open coal fires, The Hardwick Inn in Chesterfield is a perfect winter date spot.

The Live and Let Live, West Midlands

If you’re after a date complete with countryside comforts, then you might want to listen to eHarmony couple Dave and Judi’s advice and give The Live and Let Live a go.

The Old Station and Carriage, Somerset

If you’re looking for a first date idea that’s a little unconventional, then The Old Station & Carriage could be exactly what you’re after.

Royal Scottish National Orchestra

It is often said that music is the food of love, so why not let the Royal Scottish National Orchestra Valentines concerts create the perfect ambience for a special date? Tickets for the RSNO’s Valentine’s concerts are now on sale.

RoyalConcert at the Royal Scottish National Orchestra

Win a pair of tickets to the RSNO Valentine’s concert in Edinburgh!


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