Top 5 flirting tips for shy people


flirting for shy people

Everyone can learn to flirt, even if you’re shy! Check out these top 5 flirting tips for shy people, which will help even the most nervous dater come across confidently

Some people are born flirts. They seem able to make a good impression on everyone they meet. But, for most of us, flirting is tough, and when you’re shy it can seem almost impossible. When you can’t flirt, it can be difficult to let people know that you’re interested in being more friends. But don’t despair! Follow these simple guidelines and you’ll find that no matter how shy you are, you can still be a great flirt.

1. Practice online

It’s much easier to practice flirting online rather than face-to-face. Enhance your online conversations with emojis – winks, blushes, smiles etc. Be playful and aim to have conversations that will leave both of you with a smile on your face. Gentle teasing, subtle innuendos, and coyness can all be practised online. Plus, you have the added advantage of being able to edit what you say. Re-read the conversation later to see what worked and what didn’t.

2. Body language

80% of communication is non-verbal. If you’re shy about speaking to someone, try to improve your body language so that it’s letting them know you’re interested. First, look approachable. Put your shoulders back, chin up and look up. Unfold your arms and legs – it’ll make you look more open and less defensive. Eye contact is really important. Keep contact for just a moment or two longer than necessary to let your date know you’re interested and absorbed by what they’re saying. Just be careful not to stare! It’s important that you learn to read body language too. The more you understand, the better your dating life will be.

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3. Listen

One of the most flirtatious things we can do is give someone our complete and undivided attention. Listen to what they’re saying and give non-verbal cues that you’re taking it in like nods, smiles, and appropriate laughter. Try to avoid being too serious or solemn. Smiling as though you know a secret joke or a pleasant thought has just crossed your mind can be very flirtatious and beguiling. Being a good listener is far more important than being witty and will make your date feel appreciated and valued – a sure way to make them want to see you again!

4. Touch

When you and your date get more comfortable with each other, lightly touching hands or placing your hand on their arm can let them know how you feel. Be sensitive to their response as some people have personal space issues and you don’t want to make them feel uncomfortable. Playful shoves or punches are best avoided until you’ve got to know each other better.

5. Appreciation

Don’t be afraid to show your appreciation for your date, for the things they do and say. Even if you’re shy, it’s good to let them know how much you enjoyed seeing or speaking to them and let them know that you’d like to see them again.

Flirting is all about communicating your interesting in seeing the person again. So, if you’re shy when expressing yourself verbally, it’s especially important that your practice these more subtle cues.


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