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At the end of 2011, looking ahead to 2012, we asked eHarmony members what they were planning on achieving in 2012. We had nearly 4,000 responses, and whether they were things from a life list, or spur of the moment ideas, we had a huge range of activities sent back. There’s no surprise that ‘Get a girlfriend/boyfriend’ came top of the list, but there were some much more unusual entries on the list, including ‘See the Northern Lights’ and ‘Volunteer at a soup kitchen’.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for a life list, looking for things to do in 2012 or are just curious, check out our top 100 below!

1. Get a girlfriend/boyfriend
2. Visit a country I have never visited before
3. Develop in my career
4. Spend more time with my friends
5. Lose weight
6. See the Northern Lights
7. Get a new job
8. Donate unworn clothes to charity
9. Paint my home
10. Buy a home
11. Raise money for charity
12. Get promoted
13. Fly first class
14. Go to festivals
15. Do a 10k run
16. Change career entirely
17. Walk along Hadrian’s Wall
18. Join a gym and actually go
19. Try a new sport
20. Try Zumba
21. Eat at a Michelin star restaurant
22. Watch an Olympic event
23. Be proposed to by my partner
24. Run a half marathon
25. Get a different hair cut
26. Find a new author and book I love
27. Have a complete makeover
28. Learn more about wine
29. Listen to new bands
30. sporting achievement
31. Have a baby
32. Learn to salsa dance
33. Get a new pet
34. Volunteer in a soup kitchen
35. Learn to draw / or go life drawing
36. Write a book
37. Go on the London eye
38. Personal development
39. Visit an elderly person regularly
40. Go to a musical
41. Go to the Edinburgh festival
42. Learn to ballroom dance
43. Grow my own vegetables
44. Run a marathon
45. Learn to drive
46. Learn self defence
47. Widen my social circle
48. Be in the audience of a TV show
49. Learn to scuba dive
50. Learn to play the guitar
51. Learn to make cocktails
52. Learn a new skill
53. Learn to play poker
54. Set up a blog
55. Propose marriage to my partner
56. Learn snowboarding
57. Lower my golf handicap to single figures
58. Have a street party during the Queen’s jubilee
59. Stop smoking
60. Adopt an animal
61. Go to more folk nights
62. Learn how to sing
63. Design / make a dress
64. Go to the Ivy Restaurant in London
65. Skydive
66. Set up an online shop
67. Learn how to play the piano
68. Start Tai Chi
69. Swim with sharks / dolphins
70. Learn to bake pastry
71. Learn how to make pasta from scratch
72. Learn to surf
73. Go on a race track driving day
74. Learn to make pottery
75. Enter to take part in a TV show
76. Make a mobile phone app
77. Learn how to make puddings
78. Teach my willful/disobedient dog to sit and stay
79. Develop creative skills
80. Educational development
81. Fly a helicopter
82. Family related goals
83. Volunteer at a care home
84. Join a book club
85. Learn to make sushi
86. Learn to knit
87. Learn to do clever magic tricks
88. Write my first children’s story/book
89. Learn to swing dance
90. Build a spice rack and use them all
91. Conquer my fear of flying
92. Try bingo
93. Captain a barge with friends
94. Learn to do a back flip
95. Set up a YouTube channel
96. Solve Rubik’s Cube
97. Learn to ride side saddle on a horse
98. Learn to balance work/life
99. Swim the channel
100. Home improvement

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