HelloFresh date a chef

15 reasons to date a chef

by Eharmony Editorial Team - February 12, 2018

Chatting to a chef but not sure if you should put all your eggs in one basket? We asked Mimi, development chef at HelloFresh, to share 15 reasons why they might have have all the ingredients you need for the perfect relationship

1. You get to test new and exciting chef-quality recipes

Think of yourself as a gourmet guinea-pig; you’ll get to taste the best dishes before anyone else.

2. They actually like cooking for other people

So you won’t have to feel guilty when it’s their turn to cook…again.

3. They know all the best restaurants to go to

Be the envy of all your friends by getting reservations at the top spots in town.

4. They always smell of food

Great if they’ve spent the day baking, not so good if they’ve been making a curry.

5. Every night would be like going to a restaurant

Except you can be in your pyjamas!

6. They probably won’t have a six-pack

And they’ll never judge you for going in for seconds.

7. They have great chat

Working in a kitchen all their lives means they can get on with almost anyone – and keep up with their jokes.

8. They’ll be able to charm your parents/friends/anyone

Because everyone knows the way to everyone’s heart is through their stomach.

9. They’re really good at doing the washing up

And your kitchen will always be sparkling clean.

10. They’ll bring delicious food home from work

Leftovers will take on a whole new meaning for you (especially if they’re from one of HelloFresh’s recipes).

11. They wear a uniform

If you’re into chef whites…

12. You’ll always have state-of-the-art kitchen items

Forget the cheap stuff, you’re dating a chef now!

13. They can knock dinner together even when you think the fridge is empty

They’ll put all that culinary creativity to good use.

14. They don’t have the time or energy to even think about cheating on you

Those 18-hour shifts do have some advantages after all…

15. They’ll inspire you

Their love of food might inspire you to shape up and improve your skills too. You could even become a chef, and then everyone will want to date you too!

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