15 reasons to date a lawyer

by Eharmony Editorial Team - February 11, 2014

While there’s no such thing as an ‘average’ lawyer, there are attractive traits common to those in the legal profession. Justin Schamotta highlights 15 reasons why you should give dating a lawyer a try.

1. They ooze confidence

It’s not easy to become a lawyer, and those that make it are justifiably pleased with themselves.

2. Formal dressing is their forte

Inviting one to a smart restaurant won’t send them into a blind panic about what to wear. Their outfit might be grey, but it’ll be well-tailored grey.

3. They’ll try to understand your point of view

Charles Lamb, the 19th century essayist, was correct in stating that: ‘He is no lawyer who cannot take two sides’.

4. They’re quick-witted

They’ve spent years of their life studying and have come to rely on their intellect and cleverness is inherently sexy.

5. Debate is in their blood

Take a lawyer on a dinner date and you’re guaranteed an evening of lively discussion.

6. They’ll make you feel secure

Most lawyers are innately conservative and profoundly level-headed. What they won’t do is spontaneously burst into song at 5am – which must be a good thing.

7. Your vocabulary will improve

Lawyers love words – big ones, small ones and especially Latin ones. If these can be combined to form an archaic expression, then so much the better.

8. They’re privy to a range of perks

These can range from free theatre tickets to access to exclusive parties if they’re with a large firm.

9. Parents can’t help but be impressed

Lawyers are one of the few careers that immediately commands respect.

10. They’re excellent problem solvers

Tell a lawyer what’s bothering you and they’ll apply their Spock-like logic to finding a solution.

11. You won’t have to pay for dinner

Or at least, you shouldn’t. Lawyers earn an average salary of more than £43,000 per year.

12. They’re skilled communicators

Expect well-formed texts, coherent phone calls and concise emails.

13. They’ll keep you out of trouble

If there’s one thing lawyers are good at, it’s being well-versed in the vagaries of the law. If you have legal issues, they’ll be able to help – or at least know someone else who can.

14. They’re mature

Lots of study, lots of work and lots of responsibility give lawyers a maturity beyond their years.

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15. They’re useful

In the long-term, a lawyer makes a useful addition to the family. As the old saying goes: ‘Once in your life everyone needs a doctor, a lawyer, a policeman and a preacher.’

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