date a vegetarian

15 excellent reasons to date a vegetarian

by Eharmony Editorial Team - May 21, 2019


According to a recent survey by The Grocer magazine, 8% of the UK population is now vegetarian, with a further 4% disdaining meat but eating fish. This is a huge rise on only a few years ago and means you’re likely to meet a lot more dates who have gone meat-free. Here’s why this is good news:

1. They’re a cheap dinner date. The veggie option nearly always costs less than the meaty version.

2. They smell sexier. A study in the journal Chemical Senses reported that men who avoid red meat have a more sexually appealing body odour.

3.They have strong ethics. Those who avoid meat for moral reasons are more likely to have strong ethical principles in other areas.

4. They’ll keep you warm on a winter’s evening. Evidence suggests that plant-based diets increase the body’s metabolism.

5. Vegetarians are optimistic. It may seem clichéd, but they really do want to make the world a better place. Spend enough time with one and you’ll soon share their positive outlook.

6. They’re kind. Vegetarians don’t like people being nasty to animals or each other. That’s good news for anyone who doesn’t like arguments.

7. Vegetarians are slim(mer). According to the University of Rochester’s medical centre, vegetarians are less likely to be obese than meat-eaters.

8. They’re considerate. Vegetarians try and think through the choices they make. This self-awareness makes them less quick to anger and generally more easy-going partners.

9. Vegetarians have powerful allies. Famous veggies include Henry Ford, Brad Pitt, Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Ozzy Osborne and, best of all, Jeff Juliano – the original actor who played Ronald McDonald.

10. They’re clever. According to researchers at Southampton University, intelligent children are more likely to become veggies later in life.

11. Their diet is full of natural aphrodisiacs. Asparagus, avocado, pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate, almonds, and bananas are all good for fuelling sexual urges.

12. Vegetarians live to a ripe old age, thanks to a lower incidence of high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and some cancers.

13. They have a good range of tea. Vegetarians often own a bewildering selection of teas with seemingly mystical properties – just don’t ask for anything with caffeine.

14. Vegetarians have a better sex life. Research suggests that people who consume tofu and other plant-based foods might enjoy a better sex life than their meat-eating counterparts.

15. They’re good for food allergy sufferers. Regardless of whether you’re allergic to wheat, dairy, shellfish or nuts, a vegetarian will know where you can find a tasty meal.