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Dating myths debunked: the ‘3 day rule’

by Eharmony Editorial Team - January 6, 2012

There’s a lot of rubbish talked about dating, so we’ve decided to debunk a few of the most persistent myths with these quick guides. First up is the ever persistent “3 day rule”, which frankly, deserves to be kicked to the kerb forever

For anyone unsure (and lucky you if you are unsure) the “3 day rule” is apparently the number of days you should wait before calling someone you’ve been on a date with. Traditionally this is a tactic men should apparently use to make the woman ‘want them’ more, but we’ve heard of lots of women using this tactic too. Hmm.
Considering trying the 3 day rule tactic? Here are 3 really good reasons not to:

1. It’s game playing

No one likes a player. If you wait three days to reply to someone after a successful date you’re basically saying ‘I like to mess with people’. Everybody knows that it only takes a few seconds to write a text message, no matter how busy they are. And even if your date was really keen, the fact that it took you 3 days to respond to them might put them off and you could never hear from them again. All because you wanted to play it cool.

2. It could backfire

Let’s say you do decide to wait a few days to text or call someone after a really nice date, or to reply to a message your date has sent you. If they have any sense they will have found someone a bit more worthy to go out with – someone who will get in touch with them when it matters. And if they do respond positively, do you really want to go out with someone who is seemingly needy enough to put their life on hold for three days, waiting for you to call?

3. It’s a waste of your time

As well as annoying, or perhaps even hurting, the person you’re making wait around, you’re also wasting your own time. What’s the point in waiting three days to find out whether your date liked you back? Ask the day after the date, and then you can either arrange another date and start to develop a relationship, or simply move on quickly.

Dating is as simple as you make it. Unfortunately we often seem to have a habit of seriously over complicating things! Ever tried this tactic on a date, or think you’ve been made to wait? Let us know in the comments…