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7 reasons a home movie date is the best movie date

by Eharmony Editorial Team - December 9, 2014

A good film can make you laugh, cry, jump out your seat, or cuddle up a little closer to your date. Dating expert Sasha Wowesny told eharmony why she thinks home cinema is the new going out
Our TV experience has transformed: no longer do we sit around a small box with flickering reception. Whether it’s Netflix, Amazon or the iPlayer, if we want to see a film in large-screen Ultra HD,  all we have to do is flip the switch on our remote. That’s why, taking a date home to watch a film is the new going to the cinema.


This is the most obvious choice as to why it’s better to stay at home for your movie date. As we’re all counting our pennies a little more closely, inviting your date over for a movie is a great choice. The cost of a cinema visit really piles up if we include popcorn, drinks and some sweets. And in terms of picture quality, cinema screens barely match up to larger contemporary TVs. So really, what does the cinema have that your front room doesn’t?

Hassle free

No more buying tickets online and inadvertently signing up to junk newsletters, standing in long queues for payment or collection and then joining a longer queue for popcorn and a Coke. Ditto being stuck in traffic or on delayed public transport. Watching a film at home has no queues, no broken-down lorries in your way; just tap of your remote and you’re set.

More intimate

Inviting your date to your home gives you a chance for them to get to know you even better and allows them to see more of who you are and how you live. It’s a great way to get to know someone more intimately and fast-tracks your decision of whether you see longevity in the relationship or not.

PDA’s allowed

Overtly public displays of affection anywhere, cinema included, are met with frowns and distaste. You’re less likely to go in for that kiss in the stiff cinema seat than during a movie date on your own sofa.


If you take a date to the cinema you’re restricted by what is currently showing. When you watch something at home that’s not the case. Smart TVs are equipped with a variety of on demand providers so you can both catch up on those shows you know you both like.

More control

At the cinema, we are transfixed to a screen for at least an hour and half, normally longer, in a darkened room with no break in between. This gives you no option to talk to your date whereas at home you can pause and rewind, at your leisure. Also if one of you is a bit too chatty, you can put the subtitles on.

What happens after the credits

Going to the cinema will have a definite end point. The film ends, everyone rises from their seats and goes their separate ways. You could be bold enough to ask your date to come home with you but this is always a presumptuous move. At home, once the film ends you are bound by nothing. You have the time and comfort to talk, or you could suggest watching another film, or play a board game, or have dessert. Whatever option you choose, at home the date doesn’t end when the film does and the longer we can spend with our date, the better.