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You can’t beat a warm, welcoming café and a steaming cup of coffee when it comes to dating – it’s a classic. So if you’re in the mood for a relaxed start, follow eHarmony couple Nicky and Kenneth’s first-date footsteps and start off at Perth’s Blend Coffee Lounge.

Blend takes itself pretty seriously when it comes to providing the best location for, not only a great cup o’ joe, but a great place to fall in love too. “We are about more than just coffee,” they say, “We want you to make memories and share in your joy as you gather around the campfire of coffee.”

So it’s no surprise they were encouraging Nicky and Kenneth too: “On our third date they put hearts on top of our hot choc

blend 2

olates,” says Nicky. And beyond suggestive drink decorations? “It’s got comfy couches,” says Nicky, “and the writing on the wall is a great talking point too.”

So what makes Blend a cut-above in the coffee stakes? Perhaps it’s their locally roasted beans, blended from three regions: Bolivia, Indonesia

Sumatra and Ethiopia – perfect for coffee purists. And if you’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth, there’s something for you too – like their Toffee Nut Macchiato, Cinnamon Dolce Latte or even a Jaffa Mocha. You’re not restricted to caffeine either, there’s smoothies, teas, a honeycomb hot chocolate and bites to eat too.

Don’t forget Blend if you do end up falling in love. They’ve got a postcard wall where they collect missives from customers on their travels – a great way to commemorate your first date.

Check out their mouthwatering coffee menu on their website –

Blend Coffee Lounge
274 High Street
Perth and Kinross
PH1 5QJ 

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