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Who doesn’t love a good, hearty steak? You might want to check your date isn’t a vegetarian on this one to save any awkwardness, because meat is what the Hudson Steakhouse do… big time. The clue’s in the name. At this carnivorous palace, you and your date can expect to wine and dine in style, as you choose from some excellent cuts of prime beef, topped off with some incredible and unique side dishes.

As if your mouth wasn’t watering already enough, check out what eHarmony couple Steve and Jess had to say about the joint. Steve specifically chose it because he wanted to ‘impress’ her – and that it did. He says ‘the food speaks for itself’, and he’s not wrong. It’s no surprise that food has long been celebrated as an aphrodisiac, when options like this exist!

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For those on a bit of a budget, you don’t need to miss out. The restaurant offers a great value early evening special for a midweek treat, Monday to Friday. From 5pm until 7pm, you’ll each get a delicious meal and some wine for a ridiculously fair price.

Whilst some veggie treats are available, please note that these really are few and far between. That certainly won’t spoil everyone else’s enjoyment though, and in fact, the only real disappointment will be the fact that it’s sadly not open 24 hours – meaning you probably can’t just show up right this second! Sorry.

To book in a more appropriate time when they’d be more than happy to serve you, head to and give them a call on 01225 332 323

14 London Street

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