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il capriccio

‘When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore!’. Thankfully, there won’t be any (admittedly tasty) pizza hitting you in the eye at Surrey’s Il Capriccio, but we can’t promise you won’t wind up love-struck. The Italians really know their stuff with the whole ‘food of love’ thing, and this beautiful authentic ‘ristorante’ situated in the heart of Ewell knows that all too well.

With delicious offerings of both traditional Italian and Continental dishes, as well as seafood specials, this is the perfect date spot if you’re trying to impress. The team are passionate, as you might expect, about what they do and what they serve, and it’s a fact that’s backed up by their regulars, who can’t get enough of their favourite place. Attracting both locals and tourists, Il Capriccio is sure to remind you and your partner why Italian comes out as one of the best cuisines in the world, time and time again.

It can often be a worry that more upscale places like this can be daunting and perhaps overpriced, but, as eHarmony couple Billy and Emma have told us, that’s not the case at all! They told us that ‘the atmosphere is relaxed, the food is very tasty’ and what’s more, they reckon it’s reasonably priced.’ With its level of intimacy, it’s a perfect place for a special date, allowing you both to really get to know someone. From our couple’s experience, ‘it has a great environment for talking to someone without having to shout’ – which of course, is always nice!

If you want to sample some of the delicious delectables on offer, head to to see what you’re in for. Once you’ve inevitably got your heart set, give them a call on 020 8786 8160

Il Capriccio Ristorante
43-47 High Street
Ewell Village
KT17 1RX

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