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The Breakfast Club in London Liverpool Street offers you the perfect kind of surprise to spring on your date – a secret underground bar that you need a password to enter.

On the face of things, it’s like any of the other Breakfast Clubs dotted around London, with tasty diner-style food and a neon ‘Sex, Drugs & Bacon Rolls’ sign. But if you tell the wait staff that you’re ‘here to see the Mayor’ you’ll find that there’s a lot more to this restaurant than meets the eye.

The Breakfast Club Battersea 5343

eHarmony couple Jess and Pete made the same discovery on their date – “If you say, ‘I’m here to see the Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town’ your name get’s put on a waiting list and you’ll be taken downstairs through a fridge door to the underground bar,” they say. “It’s always packed, lively and does the best cocktails. It sounds like we’ve made it up but I would encourage anyone to go there. It makes for an impressive date as it’s like you’re a part of a secret club!”

The Breakfast Club Battersea 5351

There can be quite a waiting list to experience life behind the Smeg fridge, so make sure you tell someone straight away so you can get in when you’re done with dinner.

But you might want to avoid overindulging in the drink-department before you go down – there’s award-winning cocktails menu. Just like their ‘King Yellowman’s Answer’ which won the Rumfest award in 2012 – featuring roasted pineapples, cinnamon and Blackwell Rum, you’ll regret the milkshake you had upstairs if you do.

Check out The Breakfast Club website on, or the secret mayor website on

The Breakfast Club Battersea 5219

The Breakfast Club
12-16 Artillery Lane
E1 7LS

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