The Long Walk, Windsor


Panorama from Snow Hill

Don’t be deceived by the title, Windsor’s Long Walk isn’t really that long and according to eHarmony couple Kellie and Keith, it’s well worth the hour it takes to complete. At just over 2.5 miles and along a straight path, it takes the pressure out of navigation, leaving you to concentrate on your date without any chance of getting lost.

The Long Walk carries you through the 5,000 acre deer park, taking you from Windsor Castle to the 1829 Copper Horse statue of King George III on Snow Hill. Plus, it’s not every day you get to walk in the footsteps of royalty – the path was originally created for Kings and Queens staying at the castle. Research a little of the area’s rich history and see how many stories you can swap by the time you finish. For Kellie and Keith it was such a special date they’re planning to return for their anniversary.

It’s been improved over the years to end up with the scenic, iconically-British walk we have today. King Charles II planted 1,652 Elm trees along the length of the path (since replaced with Oaks, Horse Chestnuts and London Plane trees), while Queen Anne added the road for smoother carriage rides in 1710. And it’s still used by the royal family today, acting as a special route from Windsor to the Ascot races every summer.

The walk is a great first date idea for both outdoor lovers and non-walkers alike, with it’s stress-free terrain and views of one of Britain’s finest castles. And don’t forget Windsor is a ‘working palace’, so you might be lucky enough to catch the Royal Standard flag and visit when the Queen is home.

Windsor Great Park

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