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Thopre Park

There’s nothing like a little fear to bring people together! But instead of putting your date in any real danger, eHarmony couple Kathia and James recommend a visit to Thorpe Park. Plus, with some of England’s best roller coasters for you to ride, it’s the perfect place to put your nerves into perspective.

“It was amazing,” says Kathia. “As well as laughing practically the whole day from start to finish, we managed to talk over lunch and coffee and then he got to be all manly and protect me (well, I dragged him in front of me and cowered in a corner) when we did the Cabin in the Woods horror maze.  It was such a fun date we still talk about it now.”

We admit, it is an unconventional first date – your hairstyle won’t last beyond the first ride and for the girls heels are a definite no-no. But just like Kathia and James, it’s the kind of date that’ll loosen you up and have you both relaxed quicker than any normal dinner and drinks will. Even if you’re not the theme park type, it can be a fun day and a chance to share and overcome your fears.

There’s the usual collection of rides at Thorpe Park – twirling teacups to ease you in and a Logger’s Leap for the all important theme park photographs. But for the truly adventurous there are rides like Stealth – 0 to 80mph in just 2 seconds and launched to 205ft high. As it’s impossible to keep your cool at that kind of speed, you’ll get a good idea of each other’s true colours.

It’s not for everyone, but if you think you’ll enjoy a day at a theme park, check their website to book your tickets –

Thorpe Park
Staines Rd
KT16 8PN

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